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Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Academic Article Pathologic skin picking.
Academic Article Behavioral and neurological foundations for the moral and legal implications of intoxication, addictive behaviors and disinhibition.
Academic Article Introduction to behavioral addictions.
Academic Article The neurobiology of substance and behavioral addictions.
Academic Article Substance use disorders in an obsessive compulsive disorder clinical sample.
Academic Article Kleptomania: clinical characteristics and relationship to substance use disorders.
Academic Article Clinical characteristics and associated psychopathology of 22 patients with kleptomania.
Academic Article Age at onset and clinical correlates in body dysmorphic disorder.
Academic Article Risk-taking in disorders of natural and drug rewards: neural correlates and effects of probability, valence, and magnitude.
Academic Article Substance use disorders in individuals with body dysmorphic disorder.
Academic Article Measuring "waiting" impulsivity in substance addictions and binge eating disorder in a novel analogue of rodent serial reaction time task.
Academic Article A neurocognitive comparison of cognitive flexibility and response inhibition in gamblers with varying degrees of clinical severity.
Academic Article Neurocognitive deficits associated with shoplifting in young adults.
Academic Article Mental health and clinical correlates in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer young adults.
Academic Article Correlates of occupational disability in a clinical sample of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Clinical characteristics and psychiatric comorbidity in males with exhibitionism.
Academic Article Strategic vs nonstrategic gambling: characteristics of pathological gamblers based on gambling preference.
Academic Article Prevalence and clinical features of body dysmorphic disorder in adolescent and adult psychiatric inpatients.
Academic Article Personality disorders in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender chemically dependent patients.
Academic Article Pathologic gambling and bankruptcy.
Academic Article Disorders of compulsivity: a common bias towards learning habits.
Academic Article Impulse control disorders: clinical characteristics and pharmacological management.
Academic Article Gambling disorder and its relationship with substance use disorders: implications for nosological revisions and treatment.
Academic Article Risk factors for problematic gambling: a critical literature review.
Academic Article Impulsive action and impulsive choice across substance and behavioral addictions: cause or consequence?
Academic Article Prevalence and correlates of fire-setting in the United States: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC).
Academic Article The importance of cross-cultural research in addictions.
Academic Article Body focused repetitive behavior disorders: Significance of family history.
Academic Article Neurocognitive Deficits Associated with Antisocial Personality Disorder in Non-treatment-seeking Young Adults.
Academic Article Behavioural addiction-A rising tide?
Academic Article Substance use disorders: Relationship with intermittent explosive disorder and with aggression, anger, and impulsivity.
Academic Article Predictors of comorbid eating disorders and association with other obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders in trichotillomania.
Academic Article A transdiagnostic dimensional approach towards a neuropsychological assessment for addiction: an international Delphi consensus study.
Academic Article Clinical correlates of symptom severity in skin picking disorder.
Academic Article Gambling and its clinical correlates in university students.
Academic Article Efficacy of Pharmacological Interventions in Targeting Decision-Making Impairments across Substance and Behavioral Addictions.

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