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Concept Kidney Neoplasms
Academic Article Long-term survival after "drop metastases" of renal cell carcinoma to the bladder.
Academic Article Perioperative clinical thromboembolic events after radical or partial nephrectomy.
Academic Article Renal cell carcinoma recurrence after nephrectomy for localized disease: predicting survival from time of recurrence.
Academic Article Renal tumors in young adults.
Academic Article A noninfectious source of renal gas: embolization.
Academic Article Positive surgical margins at partial nephrectomy: predictors and oncological outcomes.
Academic Article Risk score and metastasectomy independently impact prognosis of patients with recurrent renal cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Bilateral pulmonary artery tumour emboli from renal carcinoma.
Academic Article Editorial comment on: Perioperative morbidity of laparoscopic cryoablation of small renal masses with ultrathin probes: a European multicentre experience.
Academic Article Survival rates after resection for localized kidney cancer: 1989 to 2004.
Academic Article Editorial comment on: Positive surgical margin appears to have negligible impact on survival of renal cell carcinomas treated by nephron-sparing surgery.
Academic Article Temporary renal ischemia during nephron sparing surgery is associated with short-term but not long-term impairment in renal function.
Academic Article Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: predictors of prolonged warm ischemia.
Academic Article Impact of ischemia on renal function after laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: a multicenter study.
Academic Article The association of the human development index with global kidney cancer incidence and mortality.
Academic Article TNM staging for renal cell carcinoma: time for a new method.
Academic Article Chronic kidney disease before and after partial nephrectomy.
Academic Article Differential use of partial nephrectomy for intermediate and high complexity tumors may explain variability in reported utilization rates.
Academic Article SPOP promotes tumorigenesis by acting as a key regulatory hub in kidney cancer.
Academic Article Preoperative nuclear renal scan underestimates renal function after radical nephrectomy.
Academic Article Early discharge after laparoscopic or robotic partial nephrectomy: care pathway evaluation.
Academic Article The volume of nonneoplastic parenchyma in a minimally invasive partial nephrectomy specimen: predictive factors and impact on renal function.
Academic Article The impact of body mass index on renal functional outcomes following minimally invasive partial nephrectomy.
Academic Article Impact of warm versus cold ischemia on renal function following partial nephrectomy.
Academic Article Indications for adrenalectomy during radical nephrectomy for renal cancer.
Academic Article Clinically localized type 1 and 2 papillary renal cell carcinomas have similar survival outcomes following surgery.
Academic Article Prediction of renal mass aggressiveness using clinical and radiographic features: a global, multicentre prospective study.
Academic Article The Impact of Perioperative Aspirin on Bleeding Complications Following Robotic Partial Nephrectomy.
Academic Article Management of Small Renal Masses: American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Practice Guideline.
Academic Article Survival rates after resection for localized kidney cancer: 1989 - 2004.
Academic Article Impact of Perioperative Infection on Cancer Specific Survival after Nephrectomy for Renal Cell Carcinoma.
Academic Article Predominantly cystic clear cell renal cell carcinoma and multilocular cystic renal neoplasm of low malignant potential form a low-grade spectrum.
Academic Article Obscenity, Michael Jordan, and Measuring Outcomes: Explaining and Improving the Quality of Kidney Cancer Care.
Academic Article Complete response of renal cell carcinoma vena cava tumor thrombus to neoadjuvant immunotherapy.
Academic Article The future of perioperative therapy in advanced renal cell carcinoma: how can we PROSPER?
Academic Article International and Multi-institutional Assessment of Factors Associated With Performance and Quality of Lymph Node Dissection During Radical Nephrectomy.
Academic Article Pathological characteristics of the large renal mass: potential implication for clinical role of renal biopsy.
Academic Article EZR-ROS1 fusion renal cell carcinoma mimicking urothelial carcinoma: report of a previously undescribed gene fusion in renal cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Clinical and pathological features of renal epithelioid angiomyolipoma (PEComa): A single institution series.
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