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keywords Networks, Ecological
overview I am a theoretical ecologist studying mostly ecological networks. I am interested in the dynamics of large ecological communities, models for network structure, and the response of ecological communities to extinctions. My laboratory develops mathematical, computational and statistical tools for the analysis of ecological systems.
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Concept Ecological and Environmental Phenomena
Academic Article Predicting trophic relations in ecological networks: a test of the Allometric Diet Breadth Model.
Academic Article Interaction rules affect species coexistence in intransitive networks.
Academic Article Cycling in ecological networks: Finn's index revisited.
Academic Article The dimensionality of ecological networks.
Academic Article The ghost of nestedness in ecological networks.
Academic Article Correlation between interaction strengths drives stability in large ecological networks.
Academic Article Selection on stability across ecological scales.
Academic Article Effect of localization on the stability of mutualistic ecological networks.
Academic Article Modularity and stability in ecological communities.
Academic Article Feasibility and coexistence of large ecological communities.
Academic Article Ecological Network Inference From Long-Term Presence-Absence Data.
Academic Article Network spandrels reflect ecological assembly.
Academic Article Self-regulation and the stability of large ecological networks.
Academic Article Telling ecological networks apart by their structure: A computational challenge.
Academic Article Ecological networks: Pursuing the shortest path, however narrow and crooked.
Academic Article Predicting coexistence in experimental ecological communities.
Academic Article Publisher Correction: Predicting coexistence in experimental ecological communities.
Academic Article Tractable models of ecological assembly.
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