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overview My research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary consequences of interactions among organisms. My work centers on how multi-species systems function and on evaluating methods that might predict how such systems will respond to environmental change, particularly in regard to the current epidemic of species extinctions and introductions occurring throughout the world and to global changes such as ocean acidification. I have conducted research on a wide variety of related subjects and retain active research interests in most of them, including the role of ecological factors on the evolution of life history and mating systems, and population viability models of endangered species. I work in several different systems, and study a range of taxa. My general approach develops and tests questions or models of broad theoretical interest, using field experiments, observations of large-scale species introductions, and between-system comparisons. Currently, my research focuses on rocky intertidal marine communities (particularly on Tatoosh Island, Washington) and rivers, which serve as model experimental systems for ecology. Visit for details
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Concept Ecology
Academic Article Experimental species removal alters ecological dynamics in a natural ecosystem.
Academic Article Field parameterization and experimental test of the neutral theory of biodiversity.
Academic Article Estimating nonlinear interaction strengths: an observation-based method for species-rich food webs.
Academic Article Local adaptation of stream communities to intraspecific variation in a terrestrial ecosystem subsidy.
Academic Article Experimental separation of genetic and demographic factors on extinction risk in wild populations.
Academic Article Complex population dynamics in mussels arising from density-linked stochasticity.
Academic Article Size-dependent competition: effects on the dynamics versus the endpoint of mussel bed succession
Academic Article Putting the pieces together: testing the independence of interactions among organisms
Academic Article Causes of species diversity differences: a comparative analysis of Markov models
Academic Article Issues and Perspectives in Experimental Ecology (Resetarits WJ, Bernardo J, eds.)
Academic Article Predicting direct and indirect effects: an integrated approach using experiments and path analysis
Academic Article Prediction in complex communities: analysis of empirically-derived Markov models
Academic Article Measurement of interaction strength in nature
Academic Article The Ecology of Place (Billick I, Price M, eds.)
Academic Article Predicting community responses to perturbations in the face of imperfect knowledge and network complexity.
Academic Article Understanding and predicting ecological dynamics: are major surprises inevitable?
Academic Article An ecological approach to preventing human infection: vaccinating wild mouse reservoirs intervenes in the Lyme disease cycle.
Academic Article Direct and indirect effects of nutrients on intertidal community structure: variable consequences of seabird guano
Academic Article The nature and consequences of indirect effects in ecological communities
Academic Article Theoretical concepts and empirical approaches to measuring interaction strength
Academic Article Dominant (AFLP) and codominant (microsatellite) markers for the kelp Postelsia palmaeformis (Laminariales)
Academic Article Indirect effects, prey susceptibility, and habitat selection: impacts of birds on limpets and algae
Academic Article Markov chain models predict the consequences of experimental extinctions
Academic Article Intraspecific leaf chemistry drives locally accelerated ecosystem function in aquatic and terrestrial communities.
Academic Article The Ecology of Place (Billick I, Price M, eds.)
Academic Article The iconic keystone predator has a pathogen
Academic Article A 20-year data set of species replacement patterns in the intertidal zone of Tatoosh Island, Washington, USA
Academic Article Characterizing species interactions: What is the community matrix?
Academic Article Longstanding signals of marine community structuring by winter storm wave-base
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