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overview Computational Cognitive and Visual Neuroscience Through experience, we learn to interpret the sights and sounds around us and to make decisions that move us closer to achieving our goals. Our ability to learn from and adapt to our ever changing environment is a foundation of complex behavior, as it allows us to make sense of incoming sensory stimuli and to plan successful actions. To study these questions, our laboratory uses advanced neurophysiological and behavioral techniques, in parallel with machine learning approaches for studying cognitive computations in artificial neural networks. Together, our work is providing insights into the brain mechanisms of visual learning, recognition and decision making.
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Concept Association Learning
Concept Discrimination Learning
Concept Memory, Short-Term
Concept Memory
Concept Learning
Academic Article A proposed common neural mechanism for categorization and perceptual decisions.
Academic Article Task-specific versus generalized mnemonic representations in parietal and prefrontal cortices.
Academic Article Mnemonic Encoding and Cortical Organization in Parietal and Prefrontal Cortices.
Academic Article Generalized associative representations in parietal cortex.
Academic Article Inferring learning rules from distributions of firing rates in cortical neurons.
Academic Article Choice-correlated activity fluctuations underlie learning of neuronal category representation.
Academic Article Biased associative representations in parietal cortex.
Academic Article Alleviating catastrophic forgetting using context-dependent gating and synaptic stabilization.
Academic Article Circuit mechanisms for the maintenance and manipulation of information in working memory.
Academic Article Neuronal BIN1 Regulates Presynaptic Neurotransmitter Release and Memory Consolidation.
Academic Article Reevaluating the Role of Persistent Neural Activity in Short-Term Memory.
Academic Article Neural mechanisms of visual categorization: insights from neurophysiology.
Academic Article Representation of the quantity of visual items in the primate prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Interaction between neuronal encoding and population dynamics during categorization task switching in parietal cortex.
Academic Article Experience-dependent sharpening of visual shape selectivity in inferior temporal cortex.
Concept Memory Consolidation
Concept Machine Learning
Concept Spatial Learning
Grant 2020 Neurobiology of Cognition Gordon Research Conference
Grant Cortical Mechanisms of Visual Category Recognition and Learning
Grant Mechanisms of Visual Trajectory Learning &Prediction
Grant CRCNS: Uncovering neurla circuit mechanisms of category computation and learning
Grant CRCNS: Multiscale dynamics of cortical circuits for visual recognition & memory
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