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Concept Association Learning
Concept Memory, Short-Term
Concept Probability Learning
Concept Learning
Academic Article Effect of grouping of evidence types on learning about interactions between observed and unobserved causes.
Academic Article Causal structure learning over time: observations and interventions.
Academic Article What matters in scientific explanations: effects of elaboration and content.
Academic Article Causal learning about tolerance and sensitization.
Academic Article Children use temporal cues to learn causal directionality.
Academic Article Do capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) diagnose causal relations in the absence of a direct reward?
Academic Article Do people reason rationally about causally related events? Markov violations, weak inferences, and failures of explaining away.
Academic Article Medication adherence as a learning process: insights from cognitive psychology.
Academic Article How people learn about causal influence when there are many possible causes: A model based on informative transitions.
Academic Article Causal strength induction from time series data.
Academic Article Distinguishing causation and correlation: Causal learning from time-series graphs with trends.
Academic Article The placebo effect: To explore or to exploit?
Academic Article The Accuracy of Causal Learning Over Long Timeframes: An Ecological Momentary Experiment Approach.
Academic Article Motivated Reasoning in an Explore-Exploit Task.
Grant Medical Decision Making: Roles of Evidence and Experience
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