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Concept Retroviridae Infections
Concept Tumor Virus Infections
Concept Caliciviridae Infections
Academic Article Mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV), a retrovirus that exploits the immune system. Genetics of susceptibility to MMTV infection.
Academic Article B and T cells are required for mouse mammary tumor virus spread within the mammary gland.
Academic Article Expression of mouse mammary tumor virus envelope protein does not prevent superinfection in vivo or in vitro.
Academic Article Diverse repertoire of the MHC class II-peptide complexes is required for presentation of viral superantigens.
Academic Article Characterization of a novel murine retrovirus mixture that facilitates hematopoiesis.
Academic Article An essential role of Th1 responses and interferon gamma in infection-mediated suppression of neoplastic growth.
Academic Article Initial stages of mammary tumor virus infection are superantigen independent.
Academic Article Unique resistance of I/LnJ mice to a retrovirus is due to sustained interferon gamma-dependent production of virus-neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Subversion of the innate immune system by a retrovirus.
Academic Article RIII/Sa mice with a high incidence of mammary tumors express two exogenous strains and one potential endogenous strain of mouse mammary tumor virus.
Academic Article Gradual elimination of retroviruses in YBR/Ei mice.
Academic Article Replication of beta- and gammaretroviruses is restricted in I/LnJ mice via the same genetic mechanism.
Academic Article Common threads in persistent viral infections.
Academic Article Vital role for CD8+ cells in controlling retroviral infections.
Academic Article Mouse mammary tumor viruses with functional superantigen genes are selected during in vivo infection.
Academic Article Molecular and cellular basis of the retrovirus resistance in I/LnJ mice.
Academic Article Influence of microbiota on viral infections.
Academic Article Coexpression of exogenous and endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus RNA in vivo results in viral recombination and broadens the virus host range.
Academic Article Mouse mammary tumor virus-induced tumorigenesis in sag transgenic mice: a laboratory model of natural selection.
Academic Article Transgenic mouse mammary tumor virus superantigen expression prevents viral infection.
Academic Article Organogenic role of B lymphocytes in mucosal immunity.
Academic Article A novel mechanism of resistance to mouse mammary tumor virus infection.
Academic Article Innate immune sensing of retroviral infection via Toll-like receptor 7 occurs upon viral entry.
Academic Article Successful transmission of a retrovirus depends on the commensal microbiota.
Academic Article Dual role of commensal bacteria in viral infections.
Academic Article Immunology. Interfering with interferons.
Academic Article Antibody-mediated immune control of a retrovirus does not require the microbiota.
Academic Article Neutralizing Antibody Responses to Viral Infections Are Linked to the Non-classical MHC Class II Gene H2-Ob.
Academic Article Human Hepatitis B Viral Infection Outcomes Are Linked to Naturally Occurring Variants of HLA-DOA That Have Altered Function.
Academic Article Genetic Control of Neonatal Immune Tolerance to an Exogenous Retrovirus.
Academic Article Retroviral infection and commensal bacteria dependently alter the metabolomic profile in a sterile organ.
Academic Article Retroviral Infection and Commensal Bacteria Dependently Alter the Metabolomic Profile in a Sterile Organ.
Grant New retroviral restriction factor
Grant New retroviral restriction factor
Grant Subversion of Innate Immune Response by Retroviruses
Grant Mechanism of Resistance to MMTV Induced Mammary Tumors
Grant A neonatal mouse model to study retrovirus-specific humoral responses
Grant Cloning of the vic1 gene, a novel retrovirus restriction factor
Grant Genetic Basis for Sensitivity of Neonates to Retroviruses
Academic Article A single dominant locus restricts retrovirus replication in YBR/Ei mice.
Grant Retroviral infection and new modulators of the MHCII pathway
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