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Concept Insurance, Long-Term Care
Academic Article Medicare payment changes and nursing home quality: effects on long-stay residents.
Academic Article Applying market-based reforms to long-term care.
Academic Article Explaining lapse in long-term care insurance markets.
Academic Article Reducing hospitalizations from long-term care settings.
Academic Article Disparities in long-term care: building equity into market-based reforms.
Academic Article Quantifying long-term care preferences.
Academic Article The causal effects of home care use on institutional long-term care utilization and expenditures.
Academic Article Family structure and long-term care insurance purchase.
Academic Article The hidden costs of rebalancing long-term care.
Academic Article The Role of Severe Dementia in Nursing Home Report Cards.
Academic Article Understanding the Context for Long-Term Care Planning.
Academic Article How Can Adult Children Influence Parents' Long-Term Care Insurance Purchase Decisions?
Academic Article Effects of long-term care setting on spousal health outcomes.
Academic Article Measuring State Medicaid Home Care Participation and Intensity Using Latent Variables.
Academic Article What is the marginal benefit of payment-induced family care? Impact on Medicaid spending and health of care recipients.
Academic Article A National Examination Of Long-Term Care Setting, Outcomes, And Disparities Among Elderly Dual Eligibles.
Academic Article The Challenges of Improving Nursing Home Quality.
Academic Article Wealth and the utilization of long-term care services: evidence from the United States.
Academic Article A systematic review of long-term care facility characteristics associated with COVID-19 outcomes.
Academic Article Reimagining Financing and Payment of Long-Term Care.
Academic Article The Inevitability of Reimagining Long-Term Care.
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