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overview Dr. Chiu investigates the causes and outcomes of lymphoma and multiple myeloma in racial/ethnic and geographic diverse population using integrated modern molecular techniques and epidemiologic approaches. His main focus areas are: (1) studying modifiable nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental factors that are responsible for causing lymphoma and multiple myeloma, (2) identifying lifestyle, tumor, and treatment-related factors that influence survival, treatment response disparities, and outcomes of patients using cohorts of lymphoma and multiple myeloma patients as well as real world big data, and (3) developing novel epigenetics-based biomarkers for prognostication and management of patients using a liquid biopsy approach. He is also an active researcher in large international consortia, including the International Lymphoma Epidemiology Consortium (InterLymph), International Multiple Myeloma Consortium (now InterLymph-Myeloma Working Group) where he served as its chair in 2013, and the AsiaLymph.

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Concept Community Health Services
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept National Health Programs
Concept Health Fairs
Concept Women's Health
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Mental Health
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Healthcare Disparities
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Concept World Health Organization
Academic Article Racial disparities in Hodgkin's lymphoma: a comprehensive population-based analysis.
Academic Article InterLymph hierarchical classification of lymphoid neoplasms for epidemiologic research based on the WHO classification (2008): update and future directions.
Academic Article The clinical and economic burden of a sustained increase in thyroid cancer incidence.
Academic Article Increased stroke risk in Bell's palsy patients without steroid treatment.
Academic Article Dietary patterns and the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Academic Article Predictors of prostate cancer screening among health fair participants.
Academic Article Immunoepidemiology of post-Salmonella reactive arthritis in a cohort of women.
Academic Article Associations of physical activity, sedentary time, and insulin with percent breast density in Hispanic women.
Academic Article Relative validity and reproducibility of a quantitative FFQ for assessing nutrient intakes of vegetarians in Taiwan.
Academic Article The relationship between agricultural environments and olfactory dysfunction.
Academic Article Patient morbidity and management patterns of community-based primary health care services in Hong Kong.
Academic Article Obesity and immigration among Latina women.
Academic Article Occupation and Risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Its Subtypes: A Pooled Analysis from the InterLymph Consortium.
Academic Article Patterns of care and survival outcomes examining radiation therapy for advanced Hodgkin lymphoma.
Academic Article Mediation analyses of socioeconomic factors determining racial differences in the treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in a cohort of older adults.
Academic Article Depressive symptoms, mental health-related quality of life, and survival among older patients with multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Racial disparities in Hodgkin's lymphoma: a comprehensive population-based analysis.
Award or Honor Receipt Outstanding alumni
Award or Honor Receipt Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health
Academic Article Self-reported health and survival in older patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Racial Disparities in Intravenous Bisphosphonate Use Among Older Patients With Multiple Myeloma Enrolled in Medicare.
Academic Article Disparities in diagnosis, treatment and survival between Black and White Parkinson patients.
Academic Article The association between physical health-related quality of life, physical functioning, and risk of contralateral breast cancer among older women.

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