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Concept Conditioning, Classical
Concept Conditioning, Operant
Academic Article Mesoaccumbens dopamine and the self-administration of amphetamine.
Academic Article Previous exposure to psychostimulants enhances the reinstatement of cocaine seeking by nucleus accumbens AMPA.
Academic Article Amphetamine-induced changes in dendritic morphology in rat forebrain correspond to associative drug conditioning rather than nonassociative drug sensitization.
Academic Article Blockade of group II, but not group I, mGluRs in the rat nucleus accumbens inhibits the expression of conditioned hyperactivity in an amphetamine-associated environment.
Academic Article Inhibition of CaMKII in the nucleus accumbens shell decreases enhanced amphetamine intake in sensitized rats.
Academic Article Transient overexpression of alpha-Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in the nucleus accumbens shell enhances behavioral responding to amphetamine.
Academic Article Locomotor activity and cocaine-seeking behavior during acquisition and reinstatement of operant self-administration behavior in rats.
Academic Article Conditioning and place-specific sensitization of increases in activity induced by morphine in the VTA.
Academic Article Conditioned locomotion and place preference elicited by tactile cues paired exclusively with morphine in an open field.
Academic Article Previous exposure to nicotine enhances the incentive motivational effects of amphetamine via nicotine-associated contextual stimuli.
Academic Article Explaining the escalation of drug use in substance dependence: models and appropriate animal laboratory tests.
Academic Article Conditioned cues and the expression of stimulant sensitization in animals and humans.
Academic Article Morphine conditioned place preference and locomotion: the effect of confinement during training.
Academic Article Enhanced dorsolateral striatal activity in drug use: the role of outcome in stimulus-response associations.
Academic Article Inhibiting cyclin-dependent kinase 5 in the nucleus accumbens enhances the expression of amphetamine-induced locomotor conditioning.
Academic Article Locomotor conditioning by amphetamine requires cyclin-dependent kinase 5 signaling in the nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Exposure to nicotine enhances its subsequent self-administration: contribution of nicotine-associated contextual stimuli.
Academic Article Drug-Paired Contextual Stimuli Increase Dendritic Spine Dynamics in Select Nucleus Accumbens Neurons.
Academic Article Operant responding for optogenetic excitation of LDTg inputs to the VTA requires D1 and D2 dopamine receptor activation in the NAcc.
Academic Article Prenatal ethanol exposure increases risk of psychostimulant addiction.
Academic Article Maladaptive consequences of repeated intermittent exposure to uncertainty.

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