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overview My primary research interest lies in elucidating the neuronal mechanisms that underlie sensorimotor control, communication between cortical areas, and learning. The goal is to understand how single neurons and population of neurons in the the orofacial sensorimotor cortex (i.e., primary motor, primary somatosensory and cortico-masticatory areas of the cortex) encode motor and sensory information during feeding or when learning a novel sensorimotor task. To do this, we use data collected from simultaneous recordings of neural activity from chronically-implanted microelectrode arrays in the sensorimotor cortex, electromyography, and 3D tracking of lingual and mandibular movements using high resolution biplanar videoflouroscopy and the XROMM work flow (X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology, https://xromm.uchicago.edu).

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