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overview I am a board certified child abuse pediatrician. I founded the University of Chicago Medicine Child Advocacy and Protective Services Program in 1991 to develop an interagency and medically informed response to child maltreatment. In 2000 in partnership with other Chicago children's hospitals, the Department of Children And Family Services, and Chicago police we developed the MPEEC- Multidisciplinary Pediatric Education and Evaluation Consortium which ensures that a mandated population of children reported for injuries receives a medical informed interagency response to discern the manner of a child's injury. Our CAPS program is a crisis model response to all forms of suspected child maltreatment, we also have a robust educational mission including a mandatory one month child advocacy rotation for pediatricians and our staff participates in many advocacy activities, such as the Cook County Death Review, the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect and other citizen committees dedicated to helping vulnerable populations.
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