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keywords Behavior, Development, Systems, Circuits, Cellular
overview Neuroethology investigates nervous system function by relating it to innate and learned natural behaviors. It is distinguished from traditional neurobiology and psychology by being fundamentally centered in evolutionary biology, and by examining behavioral specialization across the breadth of the animal kingdom. We study multiple facets of birdsong learning, from cellular to behavioral levels of analysis, taking the neuroethological perspective.

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Concept Neural Conduction
Concept Neural Inhibition
Concept Functional Laterality
Concept Neural Pathways
Academic Article Temporal hierarchical control of singing in birds.
Academic Article Parametric modeling of the temporal dynamics of neuronal responses using connectionist architectures.
Academic Article Behavioral state modulation of auditory activity in a vocal motor system.
Academic Article Neuroscience. The song does not remain the same.
Academic Article Pattern filtering for detection of neural activity, with examples from HVc activity during sleep in zebra finches.
Academic Article Evaluating theories of bird song learning: implications for future directions.
Academic Article Metabolic and neural activity in the song system nucleus robustus archistriatalis: effect of age and gender.
Academic Article Song learning and sleep.
Academic Article Representations of conspecific song by starling secondary forebrain auditory neurons: toward a hierarchical framework.
Academic Article Distributed representation in the song system of oscines: evolutionary implications and functional consequences.
Academic Article Global synchronous response to autogenous song in zebra finch HVc.
Academic Article Neuronal stability and drift across periods of sleep: premotor activity patterns in a vocal control nucleus of adult zebra finches.
Academic Article Emergence of selectivity and tolerance in the avian auditory cortex.
Academic Article Functional organization of forebrain pathways for song production and perception.
Academic Article Estimating parameters and predicting membrane voltages with conductance-based neuron models.
Academic Article Temporal and rate code analysis of responses to low-frequency components in the bird's own song by song system neurons.

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