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Concept Motor Neurons
Concept Neurons
Academic Article NMDA receptor-mediated oscillatory activity in the neonatal rat spinal cord is serotonin dependent.
Academic Article KChIP1 and frequenin modify shal-evoked potassium currents in pyloric neurons in the lobster stomatogastric ganglion.
Academic Article Is NMDA receptor activation essential for the production of locomotor-like activity in the neonatal rat spinal cord?
Academic Article Activity-independent coregulation of IA and Ih in rhythmically active neurons.
Academic Article Heuristically optimal path scanning for high-speed multiphoton circuit imaging.
Academic Article Voltage-sensitivity of motoneuron NMDA receptor channels is modulated by serotonin in the neonatal rat spinal cord.
Academic Article UP states protect ongoing cortical activity from thalamic inputs.
Academic Article Local changes in neocortical circuit dynamics coincide with the spread of seizures to thalamus in a model of epilepsy.
Academic Article Scaling of topologically similar functional modules defines mouse primary auditory and somatosensory microcircuitry.
Academic Article Activity-independent homeostasis in rhythmically active neurons.
Academic Article Circuit reactivation dynamically regulates synaptic plasticity in neocortex.
Academic Article Internal dynamics determine the cortical response to thalamic stimulation.
Academic Article Acetylcholine functionally reorganizes neocortical microcircuits.
Academic Article Mouse visual neocortex supports multiple stereotyped patterns of microcircuit activity.
Academic Article Analysis of graph invariants in functional neocortical circuitry reveals generalized features common to three areas of sensory cortex.
Academic Article Multineuronal activity patterns identify selective synaptic connections under realistic experimental constraints.
Academic Article A visual thalamocortical slice.
Academic Article Lamina VII neurons are rhythmically active during locomotor-like activity in the neonatal rat spinal cord.
Academic Article NMDA receptor activation triggers voltage oscillations, plateau potentials and bursting in neonatal rat lumbar motoneurons in vitro.
Academic Article Spontaneous activations follow a common developmental course across primary sensory areas in mouse neocortex.
Academic Article Higher-Order Synaptic Interactions Coordinate Dynamics in Recurrent Networks.
Academic Article Learning to make external sensory stimulus predictions using internal correlations in populations of neurons.
Academic Article NMDA receptor-mediated oscillatory properties: potential role in rhythm generation in the mammalian spinal cord.
Academic Article Functional triplet motifs underlie accurate predictions of single-trial responses in populations of tuned and untuned V1 neurons.
Academic Article Emergent cortical circuit dynamics contain dense, interwoven ensembles of spike sequences.
Academic Article Imaging action potentials with calcium indicators.
Academic Article Recurrent interactions can explain the variance in single trial responses.
Academic Article Network Analysis of Murine Cortical Dynamics Implicates Untuned Neurons in Visual Stimulus Coding.
Academic Article Cyclic transitions between higher order motifs underlie sustained asynchronous spiking in sparse recurrent networks.
Academic Article Chronic wireless neural population recordings with common marmosets.
Academic Article Sequential addition of neuronal stem cell temporal cohorts generates a feed-forward circuit in the Drosophila larval nerve cord.
Academic Article Large-Scale Algorithmic Search Identifies Stiff and Sloppy Dimensions in Synaptic Architectures Consistent With Murine Neocortical Wiring.
Grant Intrinsic activation of dormant neurons: role in learning and neural ensemble dynamics
Grant From ion channels to graph theory in sensorimotor learning
Academic Article Dynamic structure of motor cortical neuron coactivity carries behaviorally relevant information.
Academic Article Normalization in mouse primary visual cortex.
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