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Academic Article Religious exemptions to the immunization statutes: balancing public health and religious freedom.
Academic Article Pediatricians are more supportive of the human papillomavirus vaccine than the general public.
Academic Article Fragile X screening: attitudes of genetic health professionals.
Academic Article Pediatricians' attitudes toward resuscitation in children with chronic illnesses.
Academic Article Attitudes of minority patients with end-stage renal disease regarding ABO-incompatible list-paired exchanges.
Academic Article Neighborhood poverty, racial composition and renal transplant waitlist.
Academic Article Sickle cell trait screening in athletes: pediatricians' attitudes and concerns.
Academic Article Maternal knowledge and attitudes about newborn screening for sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Age should not be considered in the allocation of deceased donor kidneys.
Academic Article Ethics of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Empirical data about women's attitudes towards a hypothetical pediatric biobank.
Academic Article An empirical investigation of physicians' attitudes toward intrasibling kidney donation by minor twins.
Academic Article Immunisation against chickenpox.
Academic Article Moral grounding for the participation of children as organ donors.
Academic Article Ethical issues in pediatric trials.
Academic Article Should doctors reconstruct the vaginal introitus of adolescent girls to mimic the virginal state? Surgery is not what it seems.
Academic Article Adolescent sexuality and public policy: an unrepentant liberal approach.
Academic Article Justice for children: the child as organ donor.
Academic Article Arguments against health care autonomy for minors.
Academic Article Adolescent sexuality and public policy: a liberal response.
Academic Article In defense of the Hopkins Lead Abatement Studies.
Academic Article Predictive genetic testing for conditions that present in childhood.
Academic Article Responding to the challenge of the children's health act: an introduction to children in research.
Academic Article Why "doctor, if this were your child, what would you do?" deserves an answer.
Academic Article Should children and adolescents undergo genetic testing?
Academic Article (Women and) children first: applicable to lifeboats? Applicable to human experimentation?
Academic Article The need for consistency in 407 reviews.
Academic Article Children in medical research: balancing protection and access--has the pendulum swung too far?
Academic Article Do peer guidelines or editorial policies affect the reporting and discussion of race and ethnicity in pediatric research?
Academic Article Health care decisionmaking by children. Is it in their best interest?
Academic Article In defense of a single standard of research risk for all children.
Academic Article Donating a second kidney: a tale of family and ethics.
Academic Article Ethical issues in genetic testing of children.
Academic Article Phase I research and the meaning of direct benefit.
Academic Article A compounding of errors: the case of bone marrow donation between non-intimate siblings.
Academic Article The participation of children in nontherapeutic diabetes research in the US.
Academic Article Attitudes of healthcare professionals and parents regarding genetic testing for violent traits in childhood.
Academic Article Parental attitudes and beliefs regarding the genetic testing of children.
Academic Article From genetics to genomics: ethics, policy, and parental decision-making.
Academic Article Disclosing misattributed paternity.
Academic Article Pediatricians' attitudes about screening newborns for infectious diseases.
Academic Article Professional and personal attitudes about access and confidentiality in the genetic testing of children: a pilot study.
Academic Article Are minority children under- or overrepresented in pediatric research?
Academic Article Lessons to be learned from the 407 process.
Academic Article Maternal attitudes about sickle cell trait identification in themselves and their infants.
Academic Article Motivation, risk, and benefit in living organ donation: a reply to Aaron Spital.
Academic Article Pediatric research and the federal minimal risk standard.
Academic Article Ethical issues in haemophilia.
Academic Article Pediatric bioethics: reintroducing the parents.
Academic Article Informed consent for genetic research involving pleiotropic genes: an empirical study of ApoE research.
Academic Article Growth attenuation by commission and omission may be ethically justifiable in children with profound disabilities.
Academic Article Genetic testing of adolescents: is it in their best interest?
Academic Article Disclosing the diagnosis of HIV in pediatrics.
Academic Article American Academy of Pediatrics policy statements on bioethics: summaries and commentaries: part 2.
Academic Article The ethics of type 1 diabetes prediction and prevention research.
Academic Article Ethical assessment of clinical asthma trials including children subjects.
Academic Article Reactions of pediatricians to refusals of medical treatment for minors.
Academic Article Minors as living solid-organ donors.
Academic Article Informed consent in pediatric research.
Academic Article Arguments against respecting a minor's refusal of efficacious life-saving treatment redux, part II.
Academic Article A descriptive and moral evaluation of providing informal medical care to one's own children.
Academic Article In defense of the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement--children as hematopoietic stem cell donors.
Academic Article A pilot study to evaluate awareness of and attitudes about prenatal and neonatal genetic testing in postpartum African American women.
Academic Article Ethical and policy issues raised by heterozygote carrier identification and predictive genetic testing of adolescents.
Academic Article The participation of minorities in published pediatric research.
Academic Article Access and equity to cancer care in the USA: a review and assessment.
Academic Article Children as research subjects: a proposal to revise the current federal regulations using a moral framework.
Academic Article Attitudes of genetic counselors towards expanding newborn screening and offering predictive genetic testing to children.
Academic Article A K-nearest neighbors survival probability prediction method.
Academic Article Heterozygote carrier testing in high schools abroad: what are the lessons for the U.S.?
Academic Article American academy of pediatrics policy statements on bioethics: summaries and commentaries: part 3.
Academic Article Ethical and policy lessons to be learned from a family with inherited bone marrow failure.
Academic Article Qualitative insights into how pediatric pay-for-performance programs are being designed.
Academic Article Against the tide: arguments against respecting a minor's refusal of efficacious life-saving treatment.
Academic Article Biobank participation and returning research results: perspectives from a deliberative engagement in South Side Chicago.
Academic Article Do healthy children deserve greater protection in medical research?
Academic Article Minority children in pediatric research.
Academic Article Adolescent autonomy in health care?
Academic Article Convening a 407 panel for research not otherwise approvable: "Precursors to diabetes in Japanese American youth" as a case study.
Academic Article American Academy of Pediatrics policy statements on bioethics: summaries and commentaries: part 1.
Academic Article Attitudes of African-American parents about biobank participation and return of results for themselves and their children.
Academic Article Relational autonomy: moving beyond the limits of isolated individualism.
Academic Article The moral and legal need to disclose despite a certificate of confidentiality.
Academic Article Addressing the ethical challenges in genetic testing and sequencing of children.
Academic Article Predictive genetic testing of children and the role of the best interest standard.
Academic Article Recommendations for returning genomic incidental findings? We need to talk!
Academic Article Racial disparities in reaching the renal transplant waitlist: is geography as important as race?
Academic Article Age and equity in liver transplantation: An organ allocation model.
Academic Article Theory and Practice of Pediatric Bioethics.
Academic Article Should Medical Errors Be Disclosed to Pediatric Patients? Pediatricians' Attitudes Toward Error Disclosure.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in TheJournal ofPediatrics: Evaluation of the Effects of Terminating the Diet in Phenylketonuria.
Academic Article Kidney Donor Profile Index Does Not Accurately Predict the Graft Survival of Pediatric Deceased Donor Kidneys.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in The Journal of Pediatrics: Conference on Treatment of Phenylketonuria.
Academic Article Attitudes and Counseling Practices of Pediatricians Regarding Youth Sports Participation and Concussion Risks.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in The Journal of Pediatrics: Variability in the Manifestations of Phenylketonuria/Transient Hyperphenylalaninemia.
Academic Article Public Attitudes and Knowledge About Youth Sports Participation and Concussion Risk in an Urban Area.
Academic Article The Role of Gender in Publication in The Journal of Pediatrics 2015-2016: Equal Reviews, Unequal Opportunities.
Academic Article Describing how children with life threatening complex chronic conditions die.
Academic Article Pediatric Decision Making Requires Both Guidance and Intervention Principles.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in The Journal of Pediatrics: Editorial Comment: Therapeutic Orphans.
Academic Article It is time to revise the kidney allocation system to restore the pediatric advantage.
Academic Article The Best Interest Standard: Same Name but Different Roles in Pediatric Bioethics and Child Rights Frameworks.
Academic Article Impact of the kidney allocation system on young pediatric recipients.
Academic Article Missed Opportunities in the Preparticipation Physical Examination for High School Athletes.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in TheJournal ofPediatrics: Parents of the Mentally Retarded Child: Emotionally Overwhelmed or Informationally Deprived?
Academic Article Child maltreatment and modifying factors in Shanghai, China.
Academic Article In Further Defense of "Better than Best (Interest)".
Academic Article Better than Best (Interest Standard) in Pediatric Decision Making.
Academic Article Surrogate Decision Making for Children: Who Should Decide?
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in TheJournal ofPediatrics: Why Patients Don't Follow Medical Advice: A Study of Children on Long-Term Antistreptococcal Prophylaxis.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in TheJournalofPediatrics: Renal Homotransplantations in Children.
Academic Article Health Care Surrogacy Laws Do Not Adequately Address the Needs of Minors.
Academic Article Reopening Schools Safely: The Case for Collaboration, Constructive Disruption of Pre-Coronavirus 2019 Expectations, and Creative Solutions.
Academic Article Abusive Head Trauma and Parental Participation in Pediatric Decision Making.
Academic Article Ethical Issues Raised by the Media Portrayal of Adolescent Transplant Refusals.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in The Journal of Pediatrics: Plus ça Change: Halfway Technologies in Pediatrics.
Academic Article Reopening K-12 Schools in the Era of Coronavirus Disease 2019: Review of State-Level Guidance Addressing Equity Concerns.
Academic Article Should We Mandate a COVID-19 Vaccine for Children?
Academic Article Why Most Bad Decisions About Vaccines Do Not Constitute Child Neglect.
Academic Article The Pediatrician's Moral Obligation to Counsel Directively Against Youth Tackle Football.
Academic Article The Ethical Limits of Children's Participation in Clinical Research.
Academic Article Reflections on Ethics and Advocacy in Child Health (REACH): Creating a Forum for Ethical Dialogue.
Academic Article Mandatory Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccine for Children?-Reply.
Academic Article Analyzing Trends in the Global Surge of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Submissions to The Journal of Pediatrics.
Academic Article Ethics of Organ Transplantation in Persons with Intellectual Disability.
Academic Article "Medical Benefit" and Therapeutic Misconception: The Ethical Conundrum of Phase 1 Pediatric Oncology Research.
Academic Article Pediatric Intensivist and Pediatric Neurologist Perspectives and Practices on Death by Neurologic Criteria.
Academic Article 50 Years Ago in TheJournalofPediatrics: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Contextualized.
Academic Article The case against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in pediatric solid organ transplantation.
Academic Article Race in the Reading: A Study of Problematic Uses of Race and Ethnicity in a Prominent Pediatrics Textbook.
Academic Article The Use of Race, Ethnicity, and Social Determinants of Health in Three Pediatrics Journals.
Academic Article State Versus Adolescent Override for Parental Refusals to Vaccinate Against COVID-19.
Academic Article An Ethical Analysis of Newborn Congenital Cytomegalovirus Screening.
Academic Article The Journal of Pediatrics Turns 90! A Perspective on Progress, Opportunities, and Challenges.
Academic Article Is it Reasonable to Demand Reasons in Pediatric Decision-Making?
Academic Article Expounding on Shared Decision-Making in Pediatrics.
Academic Article International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA) position statement supporting prioritizing pediatric recipients for deceased donor organ allocation.
Concept Child Health
Grant Sibling Obligations in Health Care
Academic Article How Race, Ethnicity, and Social Determinants of Health Are Reported in Three European Pediatric Journals.
Academic Article Refusals of the Determination of Death by Neurologic Criteria: A Mixed Methods Study of Physician Perspectives on Refusals Cases.
Academic Article Representation of Women in Published Articles at 3 Academic Pediatric Journals: 2001 to 2022.
Academic Article Pediatric Decision Making: Consensus Recommendations.
Academic Article The Philosophical Underpinning of the Family for Pediatric Decision-Making.
Academic Article Misleading Statements About Children as Living Organ Donors.
Academic Article How We Found Consensus on Pediatric Decision-Making and Why It Matters.
Academic Article Teenage Development and Parental Authority: applying consensus recommendations to adolescent care.
Academic Article Medical Decision-Making for Children in Families with Siblings: parental discretion and its limits.
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