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overview Carolyn and Matthew Bucksbaum Professor of Clinical Ethics Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Medicine, Surgery and the College Co-Director, Institute for Translational Medicine Associate Director, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics University of Chicago My areas of research include: ethical and policy issues in organ transplantation, pediatrics, genetics, and human subjects protections/research ethics. I am currently writing a book on sibling obligations in health care that is funded by the National Library of Medicine. Books Lainie Friedman Ross, Children, Families, and Health Care Decision-Making (Oxford University Press [UK], 1998). Lainie Friedman Ross, Children in Research: Access versus Protection (Oxford University Press [UK], 2006). Robert M Veatch and Lainie F. Ross, Transplantation Ethics, 2nd ed. (Georgetown University Press, 2015). Robert M Veatch and Lainie F Ross, Defining Death: The Case for Choice (Georgetown University Press, 2016) Lainie Friedman Ross and J. Richard Thistlethwaite Jr. The Living Donor as Patient: Theory and Practice (Oxford University Press [US], 2021 in press) AB 1982 Princeton University (School of Public and International Affairs) MD 1986: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Residency (1986-1989): Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (PGY-1 &2) Columbia University (PGY-3) M Phil 1992: Yale University (Philosophy) PhD 1996: Yale University (Philosophy)

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Concept Peer Review, Research
Concept Vulnerable Populations
Concept United States Office of Research Integrity
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Academic Article The need for consistency in 407 reviews.
Academic Article Human subject protections in genetic research.
Academic Article Children in medical research: balancing protection and access--has the pendulum swung too far?
Academic Article Do peer guidelines or editorial policies affect the reporting and discussion of race and ethnicity in pediatric research?
Academic Article Consent for clinical research.
Academic Article In defense of a single standard of research risk for all children.
Academic Article Phase I research and the meaning of direct benefit.
Academic Article The participation of children in nontherapeutic diabetes research in the US.
Academic Article Ethical and policy issues in pediatric genetics.
Academic Article Protecting research subjects.
Academic Article The challenges of collaboration for academic and community partners in a research partnership: points to consider.
Academic Article Are minority children under- or overrepresented in pediatric research?
Academic Article Implications of disclosing individual results of clinical research.
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Academic Article Are research ethics standards satisfied in pediatric journal publications?
Academic Article The ethics of type 1 diabetes prediction and prevention research.
Academic Article Ethical issues in identifying and recruiting participants for familial genetic research.
Academic Article Informed consent in pediatric research.
Academic Article 360 Degrees of human subjects protections in community-engaged research.
Academic Article Are we adequately protecting vulnerable patients in longitudinal observational studies?
Academic Article Incidental findings of therapeutic misconception in biobank-based research.
Academic Article Research ethics education for community-engaged research: a review and research agenda.
Academic Article Are we ready to expand donation after cardiac death to the newborn population?
Academic Article The participation of minorities in published pediatric research.
Academic Article Children as research subjects: a proposal to revise the current federal regulations using a moral framework.
Academic Article Nine key functions for a human subjects protection program for community-engaged research: points to consider.
Academic Article Human subjects protections in community-engaged research: a research ethics framework.
Academic Article Mandatory versus voluntary consent for newborn screening?
Academic Article Biobank participation and returning research results: perspectives from a deliberative engagement in South Side Chicago.
Academic Article Engaging African-Americans about biobanks and the return of research results.
Academic Article The OHRP and SUPPORT.
Academic Article Minimizing risks: the ethics of predictive diabetes mellitus screening research in newborns.
Academic Article Do healthy children deserve greater protection in medical research?
Academic Article Whether and why pediatric researchers report race and ethnicity.
Academic Article Minority children in pediatric research.
Academic Article Convening a 407 panel for research not otherwise approvable: "Precursors to diabetes in Japanese American youth" as a case study.
Academic Article Population screening for genetic disorders in the 21st century: evidence, economics, and ethics.
Academic Article Attitudes of African-American parents about biobank participation and return of results for themselves and their children.
Academic Article Consent Is the Cornerstone of Ethically Valid Research: Ethical Issues in Recontacting Subjects Who Enrolled in Research as a Minor.
Academic Article Adding Another Voice to the Living Donor Kidney Transplant Discussions at the CIBA Symposium of 1966.
Academic Article The Challenges of Incorporating Research Ethics Consultation Into Institutional Human Subjects Protections Programs.
Academic Article Public Attitudes and Knowledge About Youth Sports Participation and Concussion Risk in an Urban Area.
Academic Article Gender Differences in the Authorship of Original Research in Pediatric Journals, 2001-2016.
Academic Article Prisoners as Living Donors: A Vulnerabilities Analysis.
Academic Article Developing an ethics framework for living donor transplantation.
Academic Article Ethical Issues in Newborn Sequencing Research: The Case Study of BabySeq.
Academic Article Reopening K-12 Schools in the Era of Coronavirus Disease 2019: Review of State-Level Guidance Addressing Equity Concerns.
Academic Article The Ethical Limits of Children's Participation in Clinical Research.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2 vaccine testing and trials in the pediatric population: biologic, ethical, research, and implementation challenges.
Academic Article "Medical Benefit" and Therapeutic Misconception: The Ethical Conundrum of Phase 1 Pediatric Oncology Research.
Academic Article Correspondence on "Exploring the motivations of research participants who chose not to learn medically actionable secondary findings about themselves" by Schupmann et al.

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