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Concept Bacterial Adhesion
Concept Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins
Concept Bacterial Proteins
Concept Chromosomes, Bacterial
Concept DNA, Bacterial
Concept Genetics
Concept Genes, Bacterial
Concept Genome, Bacterial
Concept Spores, Bacterial
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial
Concept Bacterial Physiological Phenomena
Academic Article Repetitive DNA, genome system architecture and genome reorganization.
Academic Article Letting Escherichia coli teach me about genome engineering.
Academic Article Genome organization and reorganization in evolution: formatting for computation and function.
Academic Article Bacteria are small but not stupid: cognition, natural genetic engineering and socio-bacteriology.
Academic Article Thinking about bacterial populations as multicellular organisms.
Academic Article The significances of bacterial colony patterns.
Academic Article Pattern and control in bacterial colony development.
Academic Article Action of a transposable element in coding sequence fusions.
Academic Article Natural genetic engineering of the bacterial genome.
Academic Article Differential action and differential expression of DNA polymerase I during Escherichia coli colony development.
Academic Article Genome organization, natural genetic engineering and adaptive mutation.
Academic Article Variation of beta-galactosidase expression from Mudlac elements during the development of Escherichia coli colonies.
Academic Article Differential activity of a transposable element in Escherichia coli colonies.
Academic Article Adaptive mutation: who's really in the garden?
Academic Article Differential fiu-lacZ fusion regulation linked to Escherichia coli colony development.
Academic Article A role for the Clp protease in activating Mu-mediated DNA rearrangements.
Academic Article Chromosomal integration of phage lambda by means of a DNA insertion element.
Academic Article Mechanisms of DNA reorganization in bacteria.
Academic Article Physical structure, genetic content and expression of the alkBAC operon.
Academic Article Broad-host-range IncP-4 plasmid R1162: effects of deletions and insertions on plasmid maintenance and host range.
Academic Article The galactose operon of E. coli K-12. II. A deletion analysis of operon structure and polarity
Academic Article Interactions of Tn7 and temperate phage F116L of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Academic Article The use of Mudlac transposons as tools for vital staining to visualize clonal and non-clonal patterns of organization in bacterial growth on agar surfaces.
Academic Article The p lambda CM system: phage immunity-specific incompatibility with IncP-1 plasmids.
Academic Article Different structures of selected and unselected araB-lacZ fusions.
Academic Article The galactose operon of E. coli K-12. I. Structural and pleiotropic mutants of the operon
Academic Article Reversal by DNA amplifications of an unusual mutation blocking alkane and alcohol utilization in Pseudomonas putida.
Academic Article Control of Tn7 transposition.
Academic Article Observations on the formation of clones containing araB-lacZ cistron fusions.
Academic Article Bacterial phylogeny: evolution of prokaryotes.
Academic Article Starvation-induced Mucts62-mediated coding sequence fusion: a role for ClpXP, Lon, RpoS and Crp.
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