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Concept Ecology
Concept Microbial Sensitivity Tests
Concept Microbial Viability
Concept Microbial Consortia
Academic Article Metagenomic analysis of microbial consortium from natural crude oil that seeps into the marine ecosystem offshore Southern California.
Academic Article Communities of microbial eukaryotes in the mammalian gut within the context of environmental eukaryotic diversity.
Academic Article Metagenomics reveals sediment microbial community response to Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
Academic Article The role of macrobiota in structuring microbial communities along rocky shores.
Academic Article Longitudinal analysis of microbial interaction between humans and the indoor environment.
Academic Article Human and environmental impacts on river sediment microbial communities.
Academic Article The microbial nitrogen cycling potential is impacted by polyaromatic hydrocarbon pollution of marine sediments.
Academic Article Preparation and metatranscriptomic analyses of host-microbe systems.
Academic Article Satellite remote sensing data can be used to model marine microbial metabolite turnover.
Academic Article Metagenomes from two microbial consortia associated with Santa Barbara seep oil.
Academic Article Ecological succession and viability of human-associated microbiota on restroom surfaces.
Academic Article Disturbed subsurface microbial communities follow equivalent trajectories despite different structural starting points.
Academic Article Investigating the impact of storage conditions on microbial community composition in soil samples.
Academic Article Temporal patterns of rarity provide a more complete view of microbial diversity.
Academic Article Distinct microbial communities associated with buried soils in the Siberian tundra.
Academic Article Risk of infection transmission in curvilinear array echoendoscopes: results of a prospective reprocessing and culture registry.

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