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Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Comprehensive Health Care
Concept Community Health Centers
Concept Health Services for the Aged
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Health Expenditures
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Economics
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Health Education
Concept Health Services
Concept Economics, Hospital
Concept Economics, Medical
Concept Insurance, Health
Concept Environmental Health
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Oral Health
Concept Health Maintenance Organizations
Concept Health Policy
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Health Services Misuse
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Occupational Health Services
Concept Health Priorities
Concept Health Resources
Concept Health Status Indicators
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept United States Dept. of Health and Human Services
Concept Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Concept Health Care Rationing
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Mental Health
Concept National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Health Care Reform
Concept Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Concept Health Care Sector
Concept Quality Assurance, Health Care
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Occupational Health
Concept Electronic Health Records
Concept Quality Indicators, Health Care
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Literacy
Concept Family Health
Concept Health Personnel
Concept Health Planning
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Health Status
Concept Insurance, Health, Reimbursement
Concept Public Health
Concept United States Public Health Service
Academic Article Incorporating future costs in medical cost-effectiveness analysis: implications for the cost-effectiveness of the treatment of hypertension.
Academic Article Inconsistencies in the "societal perspective" on costs of the Panel on Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine.
Academic Article The effect of clinical medical ethics consultation on healthcare costs.
Academic Article Addressing uncertainty in medical cost-effectiveness analysis implications of expected utility maximization for methods to perform sensitivity analysis and the use of cost-effectiveness analysis to set priorities for medical research.
Academic Article Effect of future costs on cost-effectiveness of medical interventions among young adults: the example of intensive therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Patterns of prostate cancer treatment by clinical stage and age.
Academic Article Some reflections on cost-effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article Accounting for future costs in medical cost-effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article Perspective and the measurement of costs and benefits for cost-effectiveness analysis in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Waiting for organ transplantation. Institute of Medicine Committee on Organ Transplantation.
Academic Article How patients with diabetes perceive their risk for major complications.
Academic Article Effects of physician experience on costs and outcomes on an academic general medicine service: results of a trial of hospitalists.
Academic Article Waiting for organ transplantation.
Academic Article Waiting for organ transplantation: results of an analysis by an Institute of Medicine Committee.
Academic Article How do residents learn? The development of practice styles in a residency program.
Academic Article Hospitalists and the doctor-patient relationship.
Academic Article Illustrating the impact of including future costs in economic evaluations: an application to end-stage renal disease care.
Academic Article Patient-physician communication about out-of-pocket costs.
Academic Article Barriers to patient-physician communication about out-of-pocket costs.
Academic Article Continuity of antibiotic therapy in patients admitted from the emergency department.
Academic Article Consumers' perceptions about risk of and access to nonprescription medications.
Academic Article Does competition under Medicare Prospective Payment selectively reduce expenditures on high-cost patients?
Academic Article The role of anxiety in prostate carcinoma: a structured review of the literature.
Academic Article Coordinating care across diseases, settings, and clinicians: a key role for the generalist in practice.
Academic Article Evaluating resident duty hour reforms: more work to do.
Academic Article Design and evaluation of a workplace intervention to promote organ donation.
Academic Article Communication failures in patient sign-out and suggestions for improvement: a critical incident analysis.
Academic Article Risks and benefits of risk-management plans.
Academic Article What does the value of modern medicine say about the $50,000 per quality-adjusted life-year decision rule?
Academic Article Beefing up with the Chans: evidence for the effects of relative income and income inequality on health from the China Health and Nutrition Survey.
Academic Article Does doctor-patient communication affect patient satisfaction with hospital care? Results of an analysis with a novel instrumental variable.
Academic Article Prioritizing future research on off-label prescribing: results of a quantitative evaluation.
Academic Article Quality of care for decompensated heart failure: comparable performance between academic hospitalists and non-hospitalists.
Academic Article The Coase Theorem and patient safety.
Academic Article Variation in treatment preferences and care goals among older patients with diabetes and their physicians.
Academic Article Patient preferences in instructional advance directives.
Academic Article A linear index for predicting joint health-states utilities from single health-states utilities.
Academic Article Relationship between quality of care and functional decline in hospitalized vulnerable elders.
Academic Article Social science insights into improving workforce effectiveness: examples from the developing field of hospital medicine.
Academic Article Estimate of the carbon footprint of the US health care sector.
Academic Article The economics of comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article Training Early Achievers for Careers in Health Research (TEACH): can we do it for public health.
Academic Article Understanding communication during hospitalist service changes: a mixed methods study.
Academic Article Hospitalists and costs.
Academic Article White paper on CTSA consortium role in facilitating comparative effectiveness research: September 23, 2009 CTSA consortium strategic goal committee on comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article Patient perceptions of quality of life with diabetes-related complications and treatments.
Academic Article The prevalence, correlates, and impact of logically inconsistent preferences in utility assessments for joint health states in prostate cancer.
Academic Article The cost-effectiveness of improving diabetes care in U.S. federally qualified community health centers.
Academic Article Predicting utility ratings for joint health States from single health States in prostate cancer: empirical testing of 3 alternative theories.
Academic Article A theoretical framework and competency-based approach to improving handoffs.
Academic Article Do hospitalists or physicians with greater inpatient HIV experience improve HIV care in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy? Results from a multicenter trial of academic hospitalists.
Academic Article Physical and mental health in adults hospitalized with sickle cell disease: impact on resource use.
Academic Article The real meaning of rationing.
Academic Article Economic implications of nighttime attending intensivist coverage in a medical intensive care unit.
Academic Article Predictors of hospitalised patients' preferences for physician-directed medical decision-making.
Academic Article Provider expectations and experiences of comanagement.
Academic Article Delivering affordable cancer care in high-income countries.
Academic Article Financial responsibility of hospitalized patients who left against medical advice: medical urban legend?
Academic Article Improving inpatients' identification of their doctors: use of FACE cards.
Academic Article Hospital care and medical utilization after discharge.
Academic Article Nonprofit biomedical companies.
Academic Article Minimal modeling approaches to value of information analysis for health research.
Academic Article Attention to inpatients' religious and spiritual concerns: predictors and association with patient satisfaction.
Academic Article Implications of spillover effects within the family for medical cost-effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article Comparative effectiveness research for antipsychotic medications: how much is enough?
Academic Article Perspectives on public health workforce research.
Academic Article The economics of intense exercise.
Academic Article Relationship between quality of care of hospitalized vulnerable elders and postdischarge mortality.
Academic Article The cultivation of esteem and retrieval of scientific knowledge in physician networks.
Academic Article Effects of provider characteristics on care coordination under comanagement.
Academic Article Exploring the use of social network methods in designing healthcare quality improvement teams.
Academic Article The economics of comparative effectiveness studies: societal and private perspectives and their implications for prioritizing public investments in comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article How do initial signals of quality influence the diffusion of new medical products? The case of new cancer drug treatments.
Academic Article Using assessing care of vulnerable elders quality indicators to measure quality of hospital care for vulnerable elders.
Academic Article Resident uncertainty in clinical decision making and impact on patient care: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Response to "Future costs and the future of cost-effectiveness analysis".
Academic Article The Curriculum for the Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient program: a collaborative faculty development program for hospitalists, general internists, and geriatricians.
Academic Article Racial/ethnic differences in concerns about current and future medications among patients with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article A time tradeoff method for eliciting partner's quality of life due to patient's health states in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Health utilities for children and adults with type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article A CTSA agenda to advance methods for comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article Impact of interpreter services on delivery of health care to limited-English-proficient patients.
Academic Article Resident satisfaction on an academic hospitalist service: time to teach.
Academic Article Use of cost-effectiveness analysis to determine inventory size for a national cord blood bank.
Academic Article Toward a 21st-century health care system: recommendations for health care reform.
Academic Article To nap or not to nap? Residents' work hours revisited.
Academic Article Frequency of failure to inform patients of clinically significant outpatient test results.
Academic Article Effect of clinician advice and patient preparedness to quit on subsequent quit attempts in hospitalized smokers.
Academic Article Presenteeism among resident physicians.
Academic Article What's in a name generator? Choosing the right name generators for social network surveys in healthcare quality and safety research.
Academic Article Profile of exercising women.
Academic Article Are generalists the answer for primary care?
Academic Article The impact of health insurance on health.
Academic Article African American men significantly underestimate their risk of having prostate cancer at the time of biopsy.
Academic Article Inequities in liver transplant allocation.
Academic Article How the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute is engaging patients and others in shaping its research agenda.
Academic Article Religiosity, spirituality, and end-of-life planning: a single-site survey of medical inpatients.
Academic Article Mortality and morbidity risks and economic behavior.
Academic Article How do attendings perceive housestaff autonomy? Attending experience, hospitalists, and trends over time.
Academic Article Health literate care in the hospital setting.
Academic Article Association of patient preferences for participation in decision making with length of stay and costs among hospitalized patients.
Academic Article CAPriCORN: Chicago Area Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network.
Academic Article Sleep-disordered breathing and postoperative outcomes after bariatric surgery: analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample.
Academic Article Multicenter development and validation of a risk stratification tool for ward patients.
Academic Article Individual treatment effects: implications for research, clinical practice, and policy.
Academic Article The economic impact of childhood food allergy in the United States.
Academic Article Costs associated with health care-associated infections in cardiac surgery.
Academic Article Hospitalists and primary care.
Academic Article Co-management between hospitalist and hepatologist improves the quality of care of inpatients with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article 10 bold steps to prevent burnout in general internal medicine.
Academic Article How much diagnostic safety can we afford, and how should we decide? A health economics perspective.
Academic Article More than meets the eye: relationship between low health literacy and poor vision in hospitalized patients.
Academic Article A patient-centered research agenda for the care of the acutely ill older patient.
Academic Article The population value of quality indicator reporting: a framework for prioritizing health care performance measures.
Academic Article Type of attending physician influenced feeding tube insertions for hospitalized elderly people with severe dementia.
Academic Article Redesigning care for patients at increased hospitalization risk: the Comprehensive Care Physician model.
Academic Article Does prevention pay?
Academic Article Quality indicators: the authors reply.
Academic Article Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in Practice: The CAPriCORN Infrastructure.
Academic Article Design and implementation of a privacy preserving electronic health record linkage tool in Chicago.
Academic Article Hospitalized patients frequently unaware of their chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Intensive Care Unit Admission With Community-Acquired Pneumonia.
Academic Article Impact of patient decision aids on appropriate and timely access to hip or knee arthroplasty for osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Using Machine Learning To Populate A Markov Model By Mining Big Data Directly From Hospital Ehrs - An Application To Dynamically Predict Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers.
Academic Article Future Costs, Fixed Healthcare Budgets, and the Decision Rules of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.
Academic Article Migration of patients between five urban teaching hospitals in Chicago.
Academic Article Measuring patient experiences on hospitalist and teaching services: Patient responses to a 30-day postdischarge questionnaire.
Academic Article Financial Burden and Impoverishment Due to Cardiovascular Medications in Low and Middle Income Countries: An Illustration from India.
Academic Article Distribution of donor lungs in the United States: a case for broader geographic sharing.
Academic Article Effectiveness of Interventions to Teach Metered-Dose and Diskus Inhaler Techniques. A Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Identifying patients with cost-related medication non-adherence: a big-data approach.
Academic Article Recommendations for Conduct, Methodological Practices, and Reporting of Cost-effectiveness Analyses: Second Panel on Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine.
Academic Article Patient Perceptions of Wearable Face-Mounted Computing Technology and the Effect on the Doctor-Patient Relationship.
Academic Article Postdischarge Falls and Readmissions: Associations with Insufficient Vision and Low Health Literacy among Hospitalized Seniors.
Academic Article Real-World Data: Policy Issues Regarding their Access and Use.
Academic Article Awakenings? Patient and Hospital Staff Perceptions of Nighttime Disruptions and Their Effect on Patient Sleep.
Academic Article Patient Perceptions of Care as Influenced by a Large Institutional Pharmacogenomic Implementation Program.
Academic Article Using clinical data to predict high-cost performance coding issues associated with pressure ulcers: a multilevel cohort model.
Academic Article Screening Hospitalized Patients for Low Health Literacy: Beyond the REALM of Possibility?
Academic Article Risk of Social Isolation among Older Patients: What Factors Affect the Availability of Family, Friends, and Neighbors upon Hospitalization?
Academic Article Future Directions for Cost-effectiveness Analyses in Health and Medicine.
Academic Article Should cost effectiveness analyses for NICE always consider future unrelated medical costs?
Academic Article Costs of Quality Measurement-Reply.
Academic Article Measuring the Cost of Quality Measurement: A Missing Link in Quality Strategy.
Academic Article Health Literacy and Hospital Length of Stay: An Inpatient Cohort Study.
Academic Article Value of hospital resources for effective pressure injury prevention: a cost-effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article A Novel Patient Recruitment Strategy: Patient Selection Directly from the Community through Linkage to Clinical Data.
Academic Article The Drivers of Discretionary Utilization: Clinical History Versus Physician Supply.
Academic Article The High Cost-related Medication Non-adherence Rate Among Medicare-Medicaid Dual-Eligible Diabetes Patients.
Academic Article Attending Physician Remote Access of the Electronic Health Record and Implications for Resident Supervision: A Mixed Methods Study.
Academic Article Future unrelated medical costs need to be considered in cost effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article Assessment of provider-perceived barriers to clinical use of pharmacogenomics during participation in an institutional implementation study.
Academic Article Change in Insurance Status and Cost-related Medication Non-adherence among Older U.S. Adults with Diabetes from 2010 to 2014.
Academic Article The impact of marital status on health care utilization among Medicare beneficiaries.
Academic Article Simulation-based optimization to improve hospital patient assignment to physicians and clinical units.
Academic Article Development and testing of a web module to IMPROVE generic prescribing of oral contraceptives among primary care physicians.
Award or Honor Receipt Health Care Research Award
Academic Article Health Literacy Not Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness.
Academic Article The ImPreSS Trial: Implementation of Point-of-Care Pharmacogenomic Decision Support in Perioperative Care.
Academic Article "Original Sin" and U.S. Health Care Reform.
Academic Article Ethnic Differences in Participation in Medical Check-ups Among the Elderly: Evidence from Malaysia.
Academic Article Fatigability: A new perspective on and patient-centered outcome measure for patients with anemia.
Academic Article Evaluating the Need to Address Digital Literacy Among Hospitalized Patients: Cross-Sectional Observational Study.
Academic Article Improving outcomes for older people with cancer - A workshop of the UK National Cancer Research Institute.
Academic Article Measuring eHealth Literacy in Urban Hospitalized Patients: Implications for the Post-COVID World.
Academic Article Advancing oral health policy through persuasive messaging and effective research measures.
Academic Article The Masters athlete in Olympic weightlifting: Training, lifestyle, health challenges, and gender differences.
Academic Article Assessing Value-based Health Care Initiatives in Urology.
Academic Article Variability in comorbidites and health services use across homeless typologies: multicenter data linkage between healthcare and homeless systems.
Academic Article Perceptions of the Doctor-Patient Relationship Among Patients in a Private, Secondary-Level Hospital in Southern India.

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