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Concept Research Support as Topic
Concept Research
Concept United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Concept Treatment Outcome
Concept Empirical Research
Concept Research Design
Concept Biomedical Research
Concept Comparative Effectiveness Research
Concept Qualitative Research
Concept Health Services Research
Academic Article Inconsistencies in the "societal perspective" on costs of the Panel on Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine.
Academic Article The effect of clinical medical ethics consultation on healthcare costs.
Academic Article Addressing uncertainty in medical cost-effectiveness analysis implications of expected utility maximization for methods to perform sensitivity analysis and the use of cost-effectiveness analysis to set priorities for medical research.
Academic Article Accounting for future costs in medical cost-effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article Effects of physician experience on costs and outcomes on an academic general medicine service: results of a trial of hospitalists.
Academic Article Waiting for organ transplantation: results of an analysis by an Institute of Medicine Committee.
Academic Article Hospitalists and the doctor-patient relationship.
Academic Article Evaluating resident duty hour reforms: more work to do.
Academic Article Prioritizing future research on off-label prescribing: results of a quantitative evaluation.
Academic Article Upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage: have new therapeutics made a difference?
Academic Article Association of communication between hospital-based physicians and primary care providers with patient outcomes.
Academic Article Social science insights into improving workforce effectiveness: examples from the developing field of hospital medicine.
Academic Article The economics of comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article Training Early Achievers for Careers in Health Research (TEACH): can we do it for public health.
Academic Article White paper on CTSA consortium role in facilitating comparative effectiveness research: September 23, 2009 CTSA consortium strategic goal committee on comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article Training and career development for comparative effectiveness research workforce development: CTSA Consortium Strategic Goal Committee on comparative effectiveness research workgroup on workforce development.
Academic Article Predicting utility ratings for joint health States from single health States in prostate cancer: empirical testing of 3 alternative theories.
Academic Article Do hospitalists or physicians with greater inpatient HIV experience improve HIV care in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy? Results from a multicenter trial of academic hospitalists.
Academic Article Modeling comparative effectiveness and the value of research.
Academic Article Private manufacturers' thresholds to invest in comparative effectiveness trials.
Academic Article Delivering affordable cancer care in high-income countries.
Academic Article Nonprofit biomedical companies.
Academic Article Minimal modeling approaches to value of information analysis for health research.
Academic Article Comparative effectiveness research for antipsychotic medications: how much is enough?
Academic Article Perspectives on public health workforce research.
Academic Article Upper versus lower gastrointestinal bleeding: a direct comparison of clinical presentation, outcomes, and resource utilization.
Academic Article Problems after discharge and understanding of communication with their primary care physicians among hospitalized seniors: a mixed methods study.
Academic Article Effects of provider characteristics on care coordination under comanagement.
Academic Article The economics of comparative effectiveness studies: societal and private perspectives and their implications for prioritizing public investments in comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article How do initial signals of quality influence the diffusion of new medical products? The case of new cancer drug treatments.
Academic Article Resident uncertainty in clinical decision making and impact on patient care: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Influence of language barriers on outcomes of hospital care for general medicine inpatients.
Academic Article A CTSA agenda to advance methods for comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article Frequency of failure to inform patients of clinically significant outpatient test results.
Academic Article Do hospitalists affect clinical outcomes and efficiency for patients with acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage (UGIH)?
Academic Article What's in a name generator? Choosing the right name generators for social network surveys in healthcare quality and safety research.
Academic Article How the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute is engaging patients and others in shaping its research agenda.
Academic Article Mortality and morbidity risks and economic behavior.
Academic Article Primary outcomes for resuscitation science studies: a consensus statement from the American Heart Association.
Academic Article Toward a science of research prioritization? The use of value of information by multidisciplinary stakeholder groups.
Academic Article CAPriCORN: Chicago Area Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network.
Academic Article Sequence patterns in the resolution of clinical instabilities in community-acquired pneumonia and association with outcomes.
Academic Article Sleep-disordered breathing and postoperative outcomes after bariatric surgery: analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample.
Academic Article Sleep-disordered breathing and postoperative outcomes after elective surgery: analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample.
Academic Article Individual treatment effects: implications for research, clinical practice, and policy.
Academic Article Co-management between hospitalist and hepatologist improves the quality of care of inpatients with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article A patient-centered research agenda for the care of the acutely ill older patient.
Academic Article The population value of quality indicator reporting: a framework for prioritizing health care performance measures.
Academic Article Road map to a patient-centered research agenda at the intersection of hospital medicine and geriatric medicine.
Academic Article Clinical impact of treatment timing for chronic hepatitis C infection: a decision model.
Academic Article Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in Practice: The CAPriCORN Infrastructure.
Academic Article Intensive Care Unit Admission With Community-Acquired Pneumonia.
Academic Article Measuring patient experiences on hospitalist and teaching services: Patient responses to a 30-day postdischarge questionnaire.
Academic Article A qualitative analysis of patients' experience with hospitalist service handovers.
Academic Article Using clinical data to predict high-cost performance coding issues associated with pressure ulcers: a multilevel cohort model.
Academic Article Assessing the implementation of a bedside service handoff on an academic hospitalist service.
Academic Article Decision Criterion and Value of Information Analysis: Optimal Aspirin Dosage for Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events.
Academic Article A Novel Patient Recruitment Strategy: Patient Selection Directly from the Community through Linkage to Clinical Data.
Academic Article The Relative Ability of Comorbidity Ascertainment Methodologies to Predict In-Hospital Mortality Among Hospitalized Community-acquired Pneumonia Patients.
Academic Article The ACCOuNT Consortium: A Model for the Discovery, Translation, and Implementation of Precision Medicine in African Americans.
Academic Article Patient-provider communications about pharmacogenomic results increase patient recall of medication changes.
Academic Article Cost-Effectiveness of Mitral Valve Repair Versus Replacement for Severe Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: A Randomized Clinical Trial From the Cardiothoracic Surgical Trials Network
Award or Honor Receipt Health Care Research Award
Award or Honor Receipt Eugene Garfield Award
Award or Honor Receipt Best Research Abstract Award
Award or Honor Receipt Best Research Abstract Award
Award or Honor Receipt John Eisenberg Excellence in Mentoring Award
Award or Honor Receipt Best Research Innovation Oral Abstract Award
Academic Article Development and testing of a module to promote generic oral contraceptive prescribing among nurse practitioners.
Academic Article Fatigability: A new perspective on and patient-centered outcome measure for patients with anemia.
Academic Article A Peer-Led Social Media Intervention to Improve Interest in Research Careers Among Urban Youth: Mixed Methods Study.
Academic Article Improving outcomes for older people with cancer - A workshop of the UK National Cancer Research Institute.
Academic Article Clinical predictors of donor antibody titre and correlation with recipient antibody response in a COVID-19 convalescent plasma clinical trial.
Academic Article Advancing oral health policy through persuasive messaging and effective research measures.
Academic Article Improving natural product research translation: From source to clinical trial.
Academic Article Does the Doctor-Patient Relationship Affect Enrollment in Clinical Research?
Concept Patient Outcome Assessment
Grant Effectiveness of TEACH Research
Grant Hospital Medicine and Economics Centers for Education &Research for Therapeutics
Grant Short Term Aging-Related Research Program
Grant UC/UIC Comparative Effectiveness Research Institutional Career Development Award
Grant MD/PhD Program in Medicine, Social Sciences and Aging
Grant 19th Annual Health Economics Conference
Grant Effects of Hospitalists in Medicare Data
Grant A Novel Big-Data Screening Tool to Identify and Reduce CRN
Grant Research and Mentoring in Cost-effectiveness and Hospital-based Elder Care
Grant Chicago Ctr. of Excellence in Health Promotion Economics
Grant The University of Chicago Patient Centered Outcomes Research K12 Training Program
Grant MD/PhD Program in Medicine, the Social Sciences and Aging
Grant New Faculty Recruitment for Interdisciplinary Research on Aging
Grant The University of Chicago and Northwestern University Predoctoral Health Services Research Program-Renewal
Grant MD/PhD Program in Medicine, the Social Sciences and Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
Academic Article Outcomes of Hematuria Evaluation by Advanced Practice Providers and Urologists.
Academic Article Developing an Integrated Longitudinal Dataset for Patient-Centered Outcome Measures in Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence.
Academic Article Advancing Data Capacity for Economic Outcomes in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Challenges and Opportunities.
Academic Article Association of preadmission insomnia symptoms with objective in-hospital sleep and clinical outcomes among hospitalized patients.
Academic Article The Design and Early Results of a Structured Longitudinal Training Program for Undergraduate Students to Increase Diversity in Aging-Research.
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