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Concept Acidosis, Renal Tubular
Concept Acid-Base Imbalance
Concept Acid-Base Equilibrium
Concept Acidosis
Concept Amino Acids
Concept Ascorbic Acid
Concept Basement Membrane
Concept Calcium Metabolism Disorders
Concept Deoxycholic Acid
Concept Egtazic Acid
Concept Fatty Acids, Unsaturated
Concept Iothalamic Acid
Concept Iodohippuric Acid
Concept 1-Carboxyglutamic Acid
Concept Uric Acid
Concept Ricinoleic Acids
Concept Taurocholic Acid
Concept Citric Acid
Concept Ethacrynic Acid
Concept Hyaluronic Acid
Concept Oxalic Acid
Academic Article Correspondence between stone composition and urine supersaturation in nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Stone-forming potential of milk or calcium-fortified orange juice in idiopathic hypercalciuric adults.
Academic Article Safety of losartan in hypertensive patients with thiazide-induced hyperuricemia.
Academic Article Differences in urine volume and supersaturation in 2 physician networks.
Academic Article Proportional reduction of urine supersaturation during nephrolithiasis treatment.
Academic Article A modified cyanide-nitroprusside method for quantifying urinary cystine concentration that corrects for creatinine interference.
Academic Article Influence of gender and age on calcium oxalate crystal growth inhibition by urine from relatives of stone forming patients.
Academic Article Reduced crystallization inhibition by urine from women with nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Randall's plaque of patients with nephrolithiasis begins in basement membranes of thin loops of Henle.
Academic Article Urine stone risk factors in nephrolithiasis patients with and without bowel disease.
Academic Article Molecular abnormality of Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Isolation of nephrocalcin from kidney tissue of nine vertebrate species.
Academic Article Renal inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain 3 increases in calcium oxalate stone-forming patients.
Academic Article Evidence that postprandial reduction of renal calcium reabsorption mediates hypercalciuria of patients with calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Renal histopathology of stone-forming patients with distal renal tubular acidosis.
Academic Article Nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Evidence for durable kidney stone prevention over several decades.
Academic Article Apatite plaque particles in inner medulla of kidneys of calcium oxalate stone formers: osteopontin localization.
Academic Article Nephrocalcinosis: re-defined in the era of endourology.
Academic Article Pathophysiology-based treatment of idiopathic calcium kidney stones.
Academic Article Intra-tubular deposits, urine and stone composition are divergent in patients with ileostomy.
Academic Article Ca and P regulation of 1,25(OH)2D3 synthesis by vitamin D-replete rat tubules during acidosis.
Academic Article Metabolic acidosis after sulfur ingestion.
Academic Article Treated and untreated recurrent calcium nephrolithiasis in patients with idiopathic hypercalciuria, hyperuricosuria, or no metabolic disorder.
Academic Article Arterial PCO2 in chronic metabolic acidosis.
Academic Article Hyperuricosuria and calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Uric acid saturation in calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article The performance of a computer system for metabolic assessment of patients with nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Magnitude of metabolic acidosis in primary hyperparathyroidism.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of calcium oxalate crystal growth inhibitors from human urine.
Academic Article Urine citrate and calcium in calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Treatment of renal calculi.
Academic Article The contribution of dietary purine over-consumption to hyperpuricosuria in calcium oxalate stone formers.
Academic Article Pathogenesis and clinical course of mixed calcium oxalate and uric acid nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Hyperuricosuric calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Hyperuricosuric calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Idiopathic hypercalciuria: the contribution of Dr. Jacob Lemann, Jr.
Academic Article Hyperparathyroidism in idiopathic hypercalciuria: primary or secondary?
Academic Article Familial idiopathic hypercalciuria.
Academic Article Increased urinary saturation and kidney calcium content in genetic hypercalciuric rats.
Academic Article Hypercalciuria and hyperuricosuria in patients with calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Urine glycoprotein crystal growth inhibitors. Evidence for a molecular abnormality in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Effects of metabolic acidosis on PTH and 1,25(OH)2D3 response to low calcium diet.
Academic Article Secondary hyperparathyroidism in children with symptomatic idiopathic hypercalciuria.
Academic Article Clinical characteristics and pathogenetic mechanisms in hyperuricosuric calcium oxalate renal stone disease.
Academic Article Stone disease in hereditary distal renal tubular acidosis.
Academic Article The effects of allopurinol treatment on stone formation on hyperuricosuric calcium oxalate stone-formers.
Academic Article Sodium urate accelerates precipitation of calcium oxalate in vitro.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of a calcium oxalate monohydrate crystal growth inhibitor from human kidney tissue culture medium.
Academic Article Prevention of kidney stones.
Academic Article Acclerated calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Evidence for size and charge permselectivity of rat ascending colon. Effects of ricinoleate and bile salts on oxalic acid and neutral sugar transport.
Academic Article Isolation of calcium oxalate crystal growth inhibitor from rat kidney and urine.
Academic Article Evidence for mild reversible hyperparathyroidism in distal renal tubular acidosis.
Academic Article Response of serum 1,25(OH)2D3 to variation of ionized calcium during chronic acidosis.
Academic Article Effect of acute and chronic metabolic acidosis on serum immunoreactive parathyroid hormone in man.
Academic Article Evidence that serum calcium oxalate supersaturation is a consequence of oxalate retention in patients with chronic renal failure.
Academic Article A urinary calcium-citrate index for the evaluation of nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Calcium restriction, thiazide, citrate, and allopurinol in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Molecular abnormality of urinary glycoprotein crystal growth inhibitor in calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Treatment of hypercalciuria.
Academic Article Effects of trifluoperazine, ouabain, and ethacrynic acid on intestinal calcium transport.
Academic Article The natural history of calcium urolithiasis.
Academic Article Idiopathic hypercalciuria in children: prevalence and metabolic characteristics.
Academic Article Pathophysiology of hypercalciuria.
Academic Article Uric acid and calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Formation of a single calcium stone of renal origin. Clinical and laboratory characteristics of patients.
Academic Article Supersaturation and stone composition in a network of dispersed treatment sites.
Academic Article Divergence between stone composition and urine supersaturation: clinical and laboratory implications.
Academic Article Defenses of an unstable compromise: crystallization inhibitors and the kidney's role in mineral regulation.
Academic Article Renal intratubular crystals and hyaluronan staining occur in stone formers with bypass surgery but not with idiopathic calcium oxalate stones.
Academic Article Isolation from human calcium oxalate renal stones of nephrocalcin, a glycoprotein inhibitor of calcium oxalate crystal growth. Evidence that nephrocalcin from patients with calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis is deficient in gamma-carboxyglutamic acid.
Academic Article Allopurinol treatment of uric-acid disorders in calcium-stone formers.
Academic Article Calcium-uric acid nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Chronic renal failure.
Academic Article Diseases associated with calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal deposition.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of the principal inhibitor of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystal growth in human urine.
Academic Article Acidic peptide and polyribonucleotide crystal growth inhibitors in human urine.
Academic Article Effects of chlorothiazide administration and dietary calcium restriction on parathyroid function, vitamin D metabolism and intestinal calcium absorption in the rat.
Academic Article [Vitamin D physiology and its application to disorders of calcium metabolism].
Academic Article Factors that predict relapse of calcium nephrolithiasis during treatment: a prospective study.
Academic Article Metabolic alkalosis.
Academic Article Ion microprobe determination of bone surface elements: effects of reduced medium pH.
Academic Article Hyperkalemia during acute ammonium chloride acidosis in man.
Academic Article Dynamic clinical studies with radioisotopes and the scintillation camera. I. Sodium iodohippurate I-131 renography.
Academic Article Mechanism for higher urine pH in normal women compared with men.
Academic Article Evidence for a role of PDZ domain-containing proteins to mediate hypophosphatemia in calcium stone formers.
Academic Article Randall's plaque in stone formers originates in ascending thin limbs.
Academic Article A laboratory-based algorithm to predict future kidney function decline in older adults with reduced estimated glomerular filtration rate?.
Academic Article Evidence for disordered acid-base handling in calcium stone-forming patients.
Academic Article Discrepancy Between Stone and Tissue Mineral Type in Patients with Idiopathic Uric Acid Stones.

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