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Concept Mitochondria
Academic Article Hsp60-independent protein folding in the matrix of yeast mitochondria.
Academic Article Isolation of highly purified mitochondria from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Academic Article Translocation arrest of an intramitochondrial sorting signal next to Tim11 at the inner-membrane import site.
Academic Article The mitochondrial protein import motor: dissociation of mitochondrial hsp70 from its membrane anchor requires ATP binding rather than ATP hydrolysis.
Academic Article Pathways and energetics of mitochondrial protein import in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Academic Article Cell biology: alternatives to baker's yeast.
Academic Article Active unfolding of precursor proteins during mitochondrial protein import.
Academic Article Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondria lack a bacterial-type sec machinery.
Academic Article What is the driving force for protein import into mitochondria?
Academic Article Protein sorting in mitochondria.
Academic Article Barreling through the outer membrane.
Academic Article Strong precursor-pore interactions constrain models for mitochondrial protein import.
Academic Article Import of proteins into mitochondria.
Academic Article Mitochondrial protein import.
Academic Article Protein import into isolated yeast mitochondria.
Academic Article The protein import receptor of mitochondria.
Academic Article Dynamic interaction between Isp45 and mitochondrial hsp70 in the protein import system of the yeast mitochondrial inner membrane.
Academic Article Cyclophilin catalyzes protein folding in yeast mitochondria.
Academic Article Identification and functional analysis of chaperonin 10, the groES homolog from yeast mitochondria.
Academic Article Cytochromes c1 and b2 are sorted to the intermembrane space of yeast mitochondria by a stop-transfer mechanism.
Academic Article Protein import into mitochondria: the requirement for external ATP is precursor-specific whereas intramitochondrial ATP is universally needed for translocation into the matrix.
Academic Article Import of cytochrome b2 to the mitochondrial intermembrane space: the tightly folded heme-binding domain makes import dependent upon matrix ATP.
Academic Article Cloning and disruption of the gene encoding yeast mitochondrial chaperonin 10, the homolog of E. coli groES.
Academic Article Fusion proteins containing the cytochrome b2 presequence are sorted to the mitochondrial intermembrane space independently of hsp60.
Academic Article Role of ATP in the intramitochondrial sorting of cytochrome c1 and the adenine nucleotide translocator.
Academic Article Gottfried Schatz (1936-2015)-mitochondrial pioneer and ambassador for science.
Academic Article The energetics of protein import into mitochondria.
Academic Article Protein import into mitochondria: two systems acting in tandem?
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