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Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article A cisternal maturation mechanism can explain the asymmetry of the Golgi stack.
Academic Article The curious status of the Golgi apparatus.
Academic Article What is the driving force for protein import into mitochondria?
Academic Article Barreling through the outer membrane.
Academic Article Strong precursor-pore interactions constrain models for mitochondrial protein import.
Academic Article Deconstructing Golgi inheritance.
Academic Article Can the Golgi form de novo?
Academic Article Tomographic evidence for continuous turnover of Golgi cisternae in Pichia pastoris.
Academic Article The mechanisms of vesicle budding and fusion.
Academic Article Golgi maturation visualized in living yeast.
Academic Article Let there be order.
Academic Article Cdc1p is an endoplasmic reticulum-localized putative lipid phosphatase that affects Golgi inheritance and actin polarization by activating Ca2+ signaling.
Academic Article Models for Golgi traffic: a critical assessment.
Academic Article Cytochromes c1 and b2 are sorted to the intermembrane space of yeast mitochondria by a stop-transfer mechanism.
Academic Article Protein import into mitochondria: the requirement for external ATP is precursor-specific whereas intramitochondrial ATP is universally needed for translocation into the matrix.
Academic Article Import of cytochrome b2 to the mitochondrial intermembrane space: the tightly folded heme-binding domain makes import dependent upon matrix ATP.
Academic Article A three-stage model of Golgi structure and function.
Academic Article Integrated self-organization of transitional ER and early Golgi compartments.
Academic Article ESCargo: a regulatable fluorescent secretory cargo for diverse model organisms.

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