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Concept Protein Transport
Academic Article Barreling through the outer membrane.
Academic Article ER export: more than one way out.
Academic Article Monitoring changes in the subcellular location of proteins in S. cerevisiae.
Academic Article The transitional ER localization mechanism of Pichia pastoris Sec12.
Academic Article Sec16 is a determinant of transitional ER organization.
Academic Article Golgi maturation visualized in living yeast.
Academic Article Two mammalian Sec16 homologues have nonredundant functions in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) export and transitional ER organization.
Academic Article Journeys through the Golgi--taking stock in a new era.
Academic Article Sec12 binds to Sec16 at transitional ER sites.
Academic Article A new type of coated vesicular carrier that appears not to contain clathrin: its possible role in protein transport within the Golgi stack.
Academic Article Yeast and mammals utilize similar cytosolic components to drive protein transport through the Golgi complex.
Academic Article Membrane traffic within the Golgi apparatus.
Academic Article Possible role for fatty acyl-coenzyme A in intracellular protein transport.
Academic Article Secretion of a foreign protein from budding yeasts is enhanced by cotranslational translocation and by suppression of vacuolar targeting.
Academic Article Sec16 influences transitional ER sites by regulating rather than organizing COPII.
Academic Article COPI selectively drives maturation of the early Golgi.
Academic Article New insights into protein secretion: TANGO1 runs rings around the COPII coat.
Academic Article A microscopy-based kinetic analysis of yeast vacuolar protein sorting.
Academic Article Bioreactor-scale cell performance and protein production can be substantially increased by using a secretion signal that drives co-translational translocation in Pichia pastoris.
Academic Article ESCargo: a regulatable fluorescent secretory cargo for diverse model organisms.
Academic Article Acetyl-CoA flux from the cytosol to the ER regulates engagement and quality of the secretory pathway.
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