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Concept Abnormalities, Multiple
Concept Abnormalities, Drug-Induced
Concept Uterine Hemorrhage
Concept Urogenital Abnormalities
Academic Article The management of ASCUS cervical cytologic abnormalities and HPV testing: a cautionary note.
Academic Article Prenatal diethylstilbestrol exposure and human genital tract abnormalities.
Academic Article Vaginal adenosis and other diethylstilbestrol-related abnormalities.
Academic Article Fertility in men exposed prenatally to diethylstilbestrol.
Academic Article Vaginal and cervical abnormalities, including clear-cell adenocarcinoma, related to prenatal exposure to stilbestrol.
Academic Article Interim guidelines for management of abnormal cervical cytology. The 1992 National Cancer Institute Workshop.
Academic Article Adenocarcinoma of the vagina. Association of maternal stilbestrol therapy with tumor appearance in young women.
Academic Article Exogenous hormones in pregnancy.
Academic Article Angiographic control of pelvic bleeding from treated carcinoma of the cervix.
Academic Article Vaginal and cervical abnormalities after exposure to stilbestrol in utero.
Academic Article The current status of the DES-exposed population.
Academic Article Pathology of vaginal and cervical abnormalities associated with prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol (des).
Academic Article Urogenital abnormalities in men exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero: a cohort study.
Academic Article Diethylstilbestrol and other sex hormones during pregnancy.
Academic Article Vaginal and cervical cancers and other abnormalities associated with exposure in utero to diethylstilbestrol and related synthetic hormones.
Academic Article Does early exposure to maternal smoking affect future fertility in adult males?
Academic Article Diethylstilbestrol (DES) Pregnancy Treatment: A Promising Widely Used Therapy with Unintended Adverse Consequences.

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