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Concept Radiotherapy, Computer-Assisted
Concept Radiotherapy
Concept Radiotherapy Planning, Computer-Assisted
Concept Radiotherapy, Intensity-Modulated
Concept Radiotherapy Dosage
Concept Radiotherapy, High-Energy
Concept Radiotherapy, Image-Guided
Academic Article A single-field integrated boost treatment planning technique for spot scanning proton therapy.
Academic Article Is there a clinical benefit with a smooth compensator design compared with a plunged compensator design for passive scattered protons?
Academic Article Parameterization of multiple Bragg curves for scanning proton beams using simultaneous fitting of multiple curves.
Academic Article In-beam PET imaging for on-line adaptive proton therapy: an initial phantom study.
Academic Article Consensus Statement on Proton Therapy in Early-Stage and Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
Academic Article Human papillomavirus status and the relative biological effectiveness of proton radiotherapy in head and neck cancer cells.
Academic Article Multiple-CT optimization of intensity-modulated proton therapy - Is it possible to eliminate adaptive planning?
Academic Article Consensus Guidelines for Implementing Pencil-Beam Scanning Proton Therapy for Thoracic Malignancies on Behalf of the PTCOG Thoracic and Lymphoma Subcommittee.
Academic Article Technical Note: Dosimetric characteristics of the ocular beam line and commissioning data for an ocular proton therapy planning system at the Proton Therapy Center Houston.
Academic Article Life years lost attributable to late effects after radiotherapy for early stage Hodgkin lymphoma: The impact of proton therapy and/or deep inspiration breath hold.
Academic Article 3D treatment planning system-Varian Eclipse for proton therapy planning.
Academic Article Proton versus photon radiation-induced cell death in head and neck cancer cells.
Academic Article Characterization of a new physical phantom for testing rigid and deformable image registration.
Academic Article Quantifying the accuracy of deformable image registration for cone-beam computed tomography with a physical phantom.
Academic Article Patterns of protein expression in human head and neck cancer cell lines differ after proton vs photon radiotherapy.
Academic Article Transitioning from measurement-based to combined patient-specific quality assurance for intensity-modulated proton therapy.
Academic Article Adaptation and dosimetric commissioning of a synchrotron-based proton beamline for FLASH experiments.

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