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Concept Cerebral Cortex
Academic Article Synaptic properties of the mammillary and cortical afferents to the anterodorsal thalamic nucleus in the mouse.
Academic Article Thalamic relays and cortical functioning.
Academic Article The corticothalamocortical circuit drives higher-order cortex in the mouse.
Academic Article Differences in response to serotonergic activation between first and higher order thalamic nuclei.
Academic Article Differences in response to muscarinic activation between first and higher order thalamic relays.
Academic Article Functional significance of synaptic terminal size in glutamatergic sensory pathways in thalamus and cortex.
Academic Article Distinct functions for direct and transthalamic corticocortical connections.
Academic Article Thalamocortical interactions.
Academic Article Activation of both Group I and Group II metabotropic glutamatergic receptors suppress retinogeniculate transmission.
Academic Article The function of metabotropic glutamate receptors in thalamus and cortex.
Academic Article Thalamus plays a central role in ongoing cortical functioning.
Academic Article Functioning of Circuits Connecting Thalamus and Cortex.
Academic Article Advances in understanding mechanisms of thalamic relays in cognition and behavior.
Academic Article Branched thalamic afferents: what are the messages that they relay to the cortex?
Academic Article Detectability of excitatory versus inhibitory drive in an integrate-and-fire-or-burst thalamocortical relay neuron model.
Academic Article Thalamic relay functions and their role in corticocortical communication: generalizations from the visual system.
Academic Article Corticofugal circuits: Communication lines from the cortex to the rest of the brain.
Academic Article The role of the thalamus in the flow of information to the cortex.
Academic Article The effect of superior colliculus lesions upon the visual fields of cats with cortical ablations.
Academic Article The effect of cortical and tectal lesions on the visual fields of binocularly deprived cats.
Academic Article Fourier analysis of sinusoidally driven thalamocortical relay neurons and a minimal integrate-and-fire-or-burst model.
Academic Article Ultrastructural localization suggests that retinal and cortical inputs access different metabotropic glutamate receptors in the lateral geniculate nucleus.
Academic Article Functional organization of thalamocortical relays.
Academic Article Tonic and burst firing: dual modes of thalamocortical relay.
Academic Article The thalamus as a monitor of motor outputs.
Academic Article My prolonged collaboration with Ray Guillery.
Academic Article Layer 5 Corticofugal Projections from Diverse Cortical Areas: Variations on a Pattern of Thalamic and Extrathalamic Targets.
Academic Article Thalamocortical Circuit Motifs: A General Framework.
Academic Article Cortical control of behavior and attention from an evolutionary perspective.
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