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keywords Socioemotional Development in Children and Adolescents
overview My research interests are in how environmental, social, genetic, and biological factors interact to influence individual differences in socioemotional and behavioral development in children and adolescents. My work is greatly influenced by the Bioecological Model developed by Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner, whom I was privileged to work with after college. This model has guided my research examining influences on youth socioemotional and problem behaviors at multiple levels of analysis, including neighborhood, school, peer, family, and individual psychosocial, biological, and genetic factors. My primary expertise is youth socioemotional development, substance use, and behavior problems. Through a combination of collaborative and independent studies I have begun to identify the underlying pathways through which social and environmental experiences “get under the skin” to affect behavior, which in turn can help us to better understand the nature of socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in health and health-related behaviors. As a behavioral scientist, I aim to bridge the gap between biological and social sciences. My research program is unique in that it is highly interdisciplinary, spanning fields of developmental psychology and psychiatry, behavioral genetics, sociology, anthrozoology, neuroscience, and endocrinology. A behavioral geneticist by training, in the past decade, my work has moved away from studies of latent genetic and environmental influences to focus on the impact of measured environmental and social factors on brain, biology, and behavior. Most recently, I completed a pilot study examining the impact of exposure to community violence on the neural underpinnings of emotional and cognitive processes using fMRI in a sample of 9-11 year old children, and am currently starting a clinical trial testing the effects of a structured, goal-oriented, dog-training program on self-esteem, impulse control, and emotion regulation in two samples of youth with behavioral and emotional problems. I am deeply committed to research education and mentorship. I have supervised several postdoctoral trainees, masters students, and undergraduate students. In our department, I teach basic statistical literacy and lead methodological journal clubs for adult psychiatry residents and child psychiatry fellows. I also direct the research program for psychiatry residents and fellows and help our clinical faculty develop and test research questions.

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Concept Adolescent
Academic Article Genetic and shared environmental influences on adolescent BMI: interactions with race and sex.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on juvenile antisocial behaviour assessed on two occasions.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on the relationships between family connectedness, school connectedness, and adolescent depressed mood: sex differences.
Academic Article Sex differences in the genetic and environmental influences on the development of antisocial behavior.
Academic Article Longitudinal modeling of genetic and environmental influences on self-reported availability of psychoactive substances: alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine and stimulants.
Academic Article Creating a social world: a developmental twin study of peer-group deviance.
Academic Article Ordered subsets linkage analysis of antisocial behavior in substance use disorder among participants in the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism.
Academic Article Developmental trajectories of substance use from early adolescence to young adulthood: gender and racial/ethnic differences.
Academic Article Moderating effects of childhood maltreatment on associations between social information processing and adult aggression.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on vocabulary IQ: parental education level as moderator.
Academic Article The structure of schizotypy: relationships between neurocognitive and personality disorder features in relatives of schizophrenic patients in the UCLA Family Study.
Academic Article Ups and downs: daily cycles of adolescent moods.
Academic Article Avoidant personality disorder symptoms in first-degree relatives of schizophrenia patients predict performance on neurocognitive measures: the UCLA family study.
Academic Article Impulsivity moderates promotive environmental influences on adolescent delinquency: a comparison across family, school, and neighborhood contexts.
Academic Article Longitudinal relationships between college education and patterns of heavy drinking: a comparison between Caucasians and African-Americans.
Academic Article Modeling the genetic and environmental association between peer group deviance and cannabis use in male twins.
Academic Article Relationships between perceived emotional intelligence, aggression, and impulsivity in a population-based adult sample.
Academic Article Suspected Delirium Predicts the Thoroughness of Catatonia Evaluation.
Academic Article Associations Between Pet Ownership and Attitudes Toward Pets With Youth Socioemotional Outcomes.
Grant Development of Externalizing Behavior Problems: Gene-Environment Interplay
Grant Long-term benefits of dog ownership: Effects on stress and social behavior
Grant A Twin-Family Study of Drug Use, Abuse, and Dependence
Grant They Call it Puppy Love: Epidemiology and Biology of the Child-Dog Bond
Academic Article Child psychopathic traits moderate relationships between parental affect and child aggression
Academic Article School context and genetic influences on aggression in adolescence
Academic Article Parental monitoring and adolescent adjustment: An ecological perspective
Academic Article Gestalt relations and object perception: a developmental study.
Academic Article Community violence exposure and adolescent delinquency: Examining a spectrum of promotive factors
Academic Article A genetically informative developmental study of the relationship between conduct disorder and peer deviance in males.
Academic Article Psychometric properties of the Community Violence-Prevention Activation Measure (CV-PAM): Evaluating provider activation toward community violence prevention.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic comparison of ecological risk factors and youth outcomes: A test of the desensitization hypothesis.
Academic Article Community Violence Exposure and Adolescent Delinquency: Examining a Spectrum of Promotive Factors.
Award or Honor Receipt Chen & Jacobson (2012, J of Adolescent Health); Highly cited paper in Clinical Medicine (top 1%)

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