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overview Trevor Price is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution. His main research interests are on Himalayan biodiversity, of birds and trees especially, the evolution of color vision in birds, and speciation processes, again largely focusing on birds as a model. Orcid ID: 0000-0002-4423-8999 NIH Commons ID: TREVORPRICE
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Concept Birds
Concept Color Vision
Academic Article Little evidence for sympatric speciation in island birds.
Academic Article The role of phenotypic plasticity in driving genetic evolution.
Academic Article Evolution. Parallel evolution is in the genes.
Academic Article The evolution of F1 postzygotic incompatibilities in birds.
Academic Article Domesticated birds as a model for the genetics of speciation by sexual selection.
Academic Article Brain size and the diversification of body size in birds.
Academic Article Density-dependent cladogenesis in birds.
Academic Article Correcting for regression to the mean in behavior and ecology.
Academic Article Limits to speciation inferred from times to secondary sympatry and ages of hybridizing species along a latitudinal gradient.
Academic Article Determinants of northerly range limits along the Himalayan bird diversity gradient.
Academic Article Speciation: clash of the genomes.
Academic Article Evolution of displays within the pair bond.
Academic Article Learning and signal copying facilitate communication among bird species.
Academic Article A complete multilocus species phylogeny of the tits and chickadees (Aves: Paridae).
Academic Article Evolutionary dynamics of Rh2 opsins in birds demonstrate an episode of accelerated evolution in the New World warblers (Setophaga).
Academic Article Discovery of a relict lineage and monotypic family of passerine birds.
Academic Article A test for community saturation along the Himalayan bird diversity gradient, based on within-species geographical variation.
Academic Article Unifying latitudinal gradients in range size and richness across marine and terrestrial systems.
Academic Article Historical Contingency and Developmental Constraints in Avian Coloration.
Academic Article Sensory Drive, Color, and Color Vision.
Academic Article Historical limits on species co-occurrence determine variation in clade richness among New World passerine birds
Academic Article Revisiting Fisher: range size drives the correlation between variability and abundance of British bird eggs.
Academic Article Evolution of Visual Processing in the Human Retina.
Academic Article Into and out of the tropics: the generation of the latitudinal gradient among New World passerine birds
Academic Article Chromosomal inversion differences correlate with range overlap in passerine birds.
Academic Article Regional influences on community structure across the tropical-temperate divide.
Academic Article Common latitudinal gradients in functional richness and functional evenness across marine and terrestrial systems.
Academic Article Song playbacks demonstrate slower evolution of song discrimination in birds from Amazonia than from temperate North America.
Academic Article Ecological Limits as the Driver of Bird Species Richness Patterns along the East Himalayan Elevational Gradient.
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