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Concept Cell Lineage
Academic Article Distinct functional lineages of human V(alpha)24 natural killer T cells.
Academic Article A thymic precursor to the NK T cell lineage.
Academic Article Genetic evidence supporting selection of the Valpha14i NKT cell lineage from double-positive thymocyte precursors.
Academic Article Expansion and long-range differentiation of the NKT cell lineage in mice expressing CD1d exclusively on cortical thymocytes.
Academic Article TCR-inducible PLZF transcription factor required for innate phenotype of a subset of gammadelta T cells with restricted TCR diversity.
Academic Article Homotypic interactions mediated by Slamf1 and Slamf6 receptors control NKT cell lineage development.
Academic Article Elevated and sustained expression of the transcription factors Egr1 and Egr2 controls NKT lineage differentiation in response to TCR signaling.
Academic Article The transcription factor PLZF directs the effector program of the NKT cell lineage.
Academic Article Intrathymic proliferation wave essential for Valpha14+ natural killer T cell development depends on c-Myc.
Academic Article PLZF induces an intravascular surveillance program mediated by long-lived LFA-1-ICAM-1 interactions.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of the NKT cell lineage.
Academic Article A committed precursor to innate lymphoid cells.
Academic Article Elevated T cell receptor signaling identifies a thymic precursor to the TCRaß(+)CD4(-)CD8ß(-) intraepithelial lymphocyte lineage.
Academic Article PLZF expression maps the early stages of ILC1 lineage development.
Academic Article Polarized effector programs for innate-like thymocytes.
Academic Article Single-cell analysis defines the divergence between the innate lymphoid cell lineage and lymphoid tissue-inducer cell lineage.
Academic Article The Innate Lymphoid Cell Precursor.
Academic Article A shared Runx1-bound Zbtb16 enhancer directs innate and innate-like lymphoid lineage development.
Academic Article Diverse developmental pathways of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes.

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