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overview Dr. Arora is an academic hospitalist who specializes in improving the learning environment for medical trainees and the quality, safety, and experience of care delivered to hospitalized adults. She is an internationally recognized expert on patient handoffs in healthcare and also has extensive expertise in using technology such as social media to improve the workplace learning in teaching hospitals on a variety of topics. Her educational videos on handoffs, supervision, professionalism and costs of care have been used by numerous educators around the country as well as garnered professional awards and been featured on NPR and by the New York Times. As an accomplished researcher, she has been the Principal Investigator of numerous federal and foundation research grants. As the the Principal Investigator of an AHRQ funded study, she developed tools to evaluate handoff quality among hospitalists and residents. Through funding from the National Institutes on Aging and the American Sleep Medicine Foundation, she is investigating the effect of sleep loss on hospitalized patients, and developing novel interventions to optimize patient experience in hospitals through workplace learning and systems change. She is also the Principal Investigator of an NIH R01 entitled TEACH STRIVES (Spreading Teen-Research Inspired Videos to Engage Schoolmates) to evaluate the impact of a novel social media intervention to boost interest of minority youth into medical research careers. Dr. Arora academic work has resulted in over 130 peer-reviewed publications and has been recognized with awards from the Society of Hospital Medicine, Society of General Internal Medicine, Association of Program Directors of Internal Medicine, and the Association of American Medical Colleges. She has also testified to Congress on the primary care crisis as well as to the Institute of Medicine on residency duty hours and handoffs. For her work, she was been recognized as ACP Hospitalist Magazine's Top Hospitalist in 2009, one of "20 People Who Make Healthcare Better" by HealthLeaders Magazine in 2011, and as a Master to the Academy of Distinguished Medical Educators at the University of Chicago. She currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Scholarship & Discovery, enabling all incoming Pritzker students to participate in longitudinal mentored scholarly projects. As the Director of GME Clinical Learning Environment Innovation, she is working to ensure residents from all specialties are integrated into hospital quality initiatives. _______________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS 2001-2004 House Physician, MacNeal Hospital, Oak Park, IL 2004-2006 Assistant Dean, Curricular Innovation, Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago 2005-2013 Associate Program Director- Internal Medicine Residency, University of Chicago 2007-Present Assistant Director, Hospitalist Scholars Training Program, University of Chicago 2009-Present Assistant Dean Scholarship & Discovery, Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago 2009-Present Co-Director, MERITS Medical Education Fellowship, University of Chicago 2013-Present GME Director of Clinical Learning Environment Innovation, University of Chicago Medicine PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS American College of Physicians, 2001-Present Chair, National Council of Associates, 2005-2006 (14-member Council representing 17,000 trainees in internal medicine residencies and fellowships) Regent, Board of Regents, 2005-2006 Member, Strategic Planning Committee, 2005-2006 Ex-officio Member, Board of Governors, 2004-2005 Member, Health and Public Policy Committee, 2004-2005; 2009-present President, Northern Illinois Council of Associates, 2003-2004 Member, Northern Illinois Policy Advisory Committee, 2004-2013 Society of Hospital Medicine, 2001-Present Founder and Co-Chair, Early Career Hospitalists Section, 2004-2007 Co-Chair, Clinical Vignette Committee, 2002-2004 Member, Annual Planning Committee, 2004-2006 Reviewer, Research Abstract Committee, 2005-2011 Co-Chair, Hand-off Standards Task Force, 2006-2008 Co-Chair, Research Abstract Review Committee, 2007-2009 Member, Awards Committee, 2009-2011 Society of General Internal Medicine, 2003-Present Reviewer, Workshop Committee for Research Methodologies, 2005 Reviewer, Hospital Medicine Research Abstracts, 2007 Chair, Special Symposia, Annual Planning Committee, 2007 Member, Ad Hoc Committee, 2009-Present Co-Chair, Abstract Committee Society of General Internal Medicine Meeting, 2010-2011 Member, Communications Task Force 2013-present American Geriatrics Society, 2003-Present Association of Program Directors of Internal Medicine, 2004-Present Survey Committee, 2009-Present (Chair in 2011-2014) American Board of Internal Medicine Task Force on Hospital-based Certification, 2006 Subcommittee on Hospital Medicine, 2007-2008 _______________________________________________________________________________________ FUNDED RESEARCH Principal Investigator, NIH/NIGMS R01 GM107721 “TEACH STRIVES (Spreading Teen Research Inspired Videos to Engage Schoolmates)” Dates: 9/1/2013-8/31/2017 To test the effectiveness of a social media based intervention using video vignettes made by teens to increase interest in clinical research careers among minority youth. Principal Investigator, R25 HL116372-01A1, National Institute of Health SIESTA (Sleep for Inpatients: Empowering Staff to Act) Dates: 12/01/2013 - 11/30/2017 To develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate the SIESTA (Sleep for Inpatients: Empowering Staff to Act) program, a multicomponent educational intervention designed to prepare hospital staff to assist patients in obtaining better sleep in hospitals and recognize the importance of screening for sleep disorders. Principal Investigator, American Sleep Medicine Foundation Educational Research Award SIESTA: Sleep for Inpatients: Empowering Staff to Act Dates: 7/1/2013- 7/1/2014 To develop educational modules for nurses and physicians designed to teach staff to optimize the hospital sleep environment as well as screen patients for sleep disorders Principal Investigator, 1K23AG033763, National Institutes of Health, Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (K23) “Environment and Perceived Control: Improving Sleep in Hospitalized Older Patients” Dates: 12/01/09-11/01/14 To characterize and improve sleep and noise and its associated impact on health outcomes for hospitalized seniors Co-director and primary author, 1T35AG029795, National Institute of Aging, Medical Student Short-Term Aging-related Research program (PI Meltzer) Dates: 5/08-5/12 (renewed 5/2013)

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Concept Twins, Conjoined
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Concept Rhinitis, Allergic, Perennial
Concept Stress, Psychological
Concept Body Mass Index
Concept Infertility
Concept Critical Illness
Concept Stroke Volume
Concept Vision, Low
Concept Disease Transmission, Infectious
Concept Sleep Apnea, Obstructive
Concept Vitamin D Deficiency
Concept Dyssomnias
Concept Treatment Refusal
Concept Memory Disorders
Concept Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic
Concept Alveolar Bone Loss
Concept Community-Acquired Infections
Concept Treatment Outcome
Concept National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Concept Venous Thrombosis
Concept Peptic Ulcer
Concept Chronic Pain
Concept Peritonitis
Concept Pneumonia
Concept Postoperative Complications
Concept Sleep Apnea Syndromes
Concept Vital Signs
Concept Coronavirus Infections
Concept Sexual Harassment
Concept Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive
Concept Catheter-Related Infections
Concept Back Pain
Concept Computer-Assisted Instruction
Concept Diabetes Mellitus
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Mental Fatigue
Concept Heart Arrest
Concept Heart Rate
Concept Hyperglycemia
Concept Intraoperative Complications
Concept Life Style
Concept Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Concept Abdominal Pain
Concept Medication Adherence
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Academic Article Improving identification and documentation of pressure ulcers at an urban academic hospital.
Academic Article Characterising physician listening behaviour during hospitalist handoffs using the HEAR checklist.
Academic Article High Horn's index score predicts poor outcomes in patients with Clostridium difficile infection.
Academic Article Sequence patterns in the resolution of clinical instabilities in community-acquired pneumonia and association with outcomes.
Academic Article Sleep-disordered breathing and postoperative outcomes after bariatric surgery: analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample.
Academic Article Sleep-disordered breathing and postoperative outcomes after elective surgery: analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample.
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Academic Article Antenatal diagnosis of cephalothoracopagus twins in a triplet pregnancy. A case report.
Academic Article "Ms. B changes doctors": using a comic and patient transition packet to engineer patient-oriented clinic handoffs (EPOCH).
Academic Article Prevalence of impaired memory in hospitalized adults and associations with in-hospital sleep loss.
Academic Article Daytime Physical Activity and Sleep in Hospitalized Older Adults: Association with Demographic Characteristics and Disease Severity.
Academic Article Effects of a fixed mixture of 25% insulin lispro and 75% NPL on plasma glucose during and after moderate physical exercise in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article GOTMeDS?: Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Module for Trainees on Reducing Patient's Drug Costs.
Academic Article Postdischarge Falls and Readmissions: Associations with Insufficient Vision and Low Health Literacy among Hospitalized Seniors.
Academic Article Resident Shift Handoff Strategies in US Internal Medicine Residency Programs.
Academic Article Awakenings? Patient and Hospital Staff Perceptions of Nighttime Disruptions and Their Effect on Patient Sleep.
Academic Article Association Between Inpatient Sleep Loss and Hyperglycemia of Hospitalization.
Academic Article Integrating Longitudinal Training to Promote Competency in Patient Interactions While Using the Electronic Health Record.
Academic Article How Prepared Are Medical and Nursing Students to Identify Common Hazards in the Intensive Care Unit?
Academic Article Bridging Leadership Roles in Quality and Patient Safety: Experience of 6 US Academic Medical Centers.
Academic Article A Solution to the Problem of Sustainability of Opioid Initiatives in Graduate Medical Education.
Academic Article Sleep in Hospitalized Older Adults.
Academic Article US Internal Medicine Program Director Perceptions of Alignment of Graduate Medical Education and Institutional Resources for Engaging Residents in Quality and Safety.
Academic Article Impact of a brief faculty training to improve patient-centered communication while using electronic health records.
Academic Article Measuring Value in Internal Medicine Residency Training Hospitals Using Publicly Reported Measures.
Academic Article Characterizing pediatric inpatient sleep duration and disruptions.
Academic Article Naloxone Prescriptions Among Commercially Insured Individuals at High Risk of Opioid Overdose.
Academic Article Sleep and activity patterns in older patients discharged from the hospital.
Academic Article The Impact of Sleep and Circadian Disorders on Physician Burnout.
Academic Article Physician Fertility: A Call to Action.
Academic Article Association of Vitamin D Deficiency and Treatment with COVID-19 Incidence.
Academic Article Using the curriculum vitae to promote gender equity during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Academic Article Point-of-care naloxone distribution in the emergency department: A pilot study.
Academic Article Representation of Women on National Institutes of Health Study Sections.
Academic Article Optimizing Oral Medication Schedules for Inpatient Sleep: A Quality Improvement Intervention.
Academic Article Sleep Disturbances in Frontline Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Media Survey Study.
Academic Article Prevalence and Characteristics of Advocacy Curricula in U.S. Medical Schools.
Academic Article The National Institutes of Health Should Extend the Systems-Level Approach to Include Extramural Research.
Academic Article Medical Student Screening for Naloxone Eligibility in the Emergency Department: A Value-Added Role to Fight the Opioid Epidemic.
Academic Article The Effect of Redeployment During the COVID-19 Pandemic on Development of Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia in Healthcare Workers.
Academic Article Spanish Language Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Information and Registration in the 10 Most Populous Cities in the USA.
Academic Article Estimated cost-savings from optimizing use of inhaled medications for inpatients with obstructive lung disease.
Academic Article Predictive Analytics Programs at Large Healthcare Systems in the USA: a National Survey.
Academic Article Fetal gastrointestinal malformations.
Academic Article Abortion Among Physicians.

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