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Concept Patient Safety
Academic Article Anticipated consequences of the 2011 duty hours standards: views of internal medicine and surgery program directors.
Academic Article Transfer of graduating residents' continuity practices.
Academic Article Patient safety, resident education and resident well-being following implementation of the 2003 ACGME duty hour rules.
Academic Article A systematic review: the effect of clinical supervision on patient and residency education outcomes.
Academic Article Results of an enhanced clinic handoff and resident education on resident patient ownership and patient safety.
Academic Article What do patients think about year-end resident continuity clinic handoffs? A qualitative study.
Academic Article Hospital alarms and patient safety.
Academic Article Building continuity in handovers with shorter residency duty hours.
Academic Article Residency training--a decade of duty-hours regulations.
Academic Article Patient safety outcomes after two years of an enhanced internal medicine residency clinic handoff.
Academic Article The Quality and Safety Track: Training Future Physician Leaders.
Academic Article Patient safety room of horrors: a novel method to assess medical students and entering residents' ability to identify hazards of hospitalisation.
Academic Article How Prepared Are Medical and Nursing Students to Identify Common Hazards in the Intensive Care Unit?
Academic Article A Missed Opportunity to Improve Patient Satisfaction? Patient Perceptions of Inpatient Communication With Their Primary Care Physician.
Academic Article Year-End Clinic Handoffs: A National Survey of Academic Internal Medicine Programs.
Academic Article Bridging Leadership Roles in Quality and Patient Safety: Experience of 6 US Academic Medical Centers.
Academic Article Year-End Resident Clinic Handoffs: Narrative Review and Recommendations for Improvement.
Academic Article Use of Simulation to Assess Incoming Interns' Recognition of Opportunities to Choose Wisely.
Academic Article Bridging the Gap: Interdepartmental Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Curriculum Created by Hospital Leaders, Faculty, and Trainees.
Academic Article US Internal Medicine Program Director Perceptions of Alignment of Graduate Medical Education and Institutional Resources for Engaging Residents in Quality and Safety.
Grant Development and Validation of a Tool to Evaluate Hand-off Quality
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