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Concept Obesity
Concept Obesity, Morbid
Concept Anti-Obesity Agents
Academic Article Preservation of insulin secretory responses to P2 purinoceptor agonists in Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
Academic Article Ultradian oscillations of leptin secretion in humans.
Academic Article Plasma insulin, C-peptide, and proinsulin concentrations in obese and nonobese individuals with varying degrees of glucose tolerance.
Academic Article Abnormalities of insulin pulsatility and glucose oscillations during meals in obese noninsulin-dependent diabetic patients: effects of weight reduction.
Academic Article Rat inwardly rectifying potassium channel Kir6.2: cloning electrophysiological characterization, and decreased expression in pancreatic islets of male Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
Academic Article Alterations in the ultradian oscillations of insulin secretion and plasma glucose in aging.
Academic Article Changes in pancreatic islet glucokinase and hexokinase activities with increasing age, obesity, and the onset of diabetes.
Academic Article The pancreatic beta cell heats up: UCP2 and insulin secretion in diabetes.
Academic Article Abnormalities in the ultradian oscillations of insulin secretion and glucose levels in type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetic patients.
Academic Article Dynamics of insulin secretion in obesity and diabetes.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide-1 stimulates insulin secretion by a Ca2+-independent mechanism in Zucker diabetic fatty rat islets of Langerhans.
Academic Article Roles of circadian rhythmicity and sleep in human glucose regulation.
Academic Article Estimation of insulin secretion rates from C-peptide levels. Comparison of individual and standard kinetic parameters for C-peptide clearance.
Academic Article Roles of insulin resistance and obesity in regulation of plasma insulin concentrations.
Academic Article Insulin secretory responses to rising and falling glucose concentrations are delayed in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance.
Academic Article Antidiabetic effects of Panax ginseng berry extract and the identification of an effective component.
Academic Article Ginseng berry reduces blood glucose and body weight in db/db mice.
Academic Article Rosiglitazone reduces glucose-stimulated insulin secretion rate and increases insulin clearance in nondiabetic, insulin-resistant individuals.
Academic Article Effects of weight loss and reduced hyperglycemia on the kinetics of insulin secretion in obese non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Retinol-binding protein 4, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Postprandial lipoprotein metabolism in normal and obese subjects: comparison after the vitamin A fat-loading test.
Academic Article Calpain-10 is a component of the obesity-related quantitative trait locus Adip1.
Academic Article Weight loss therapy improves pancreatic endocrine function in obese older adults.
Academic Article Quantitative study of insulin secretion and clearance in normal and obese subjects.
Academic Article Twenty-four-hour profiles and pulsatile patterns of insulin secretion in normal and obese subjects.
Academic Article Abnormal temporal patterns of glucose tolerance in obesity: relationship to sleep-related growth hormone secretion and circadian cortisol rhythmicity.
Academic Article Moderate effect of duodenal-jejunal bypass surgery on glucose homeostasis in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Defects in insulin secretion and action in women with a history of gestational diabetes.
Academic Article Prevention of diabetes does not completely prevent insulin secretory defects in the ZDF rat.
Academic Article Prior feeding alters the response to the 50-g glucose challenge test in pregnancy. The Staub-Traugott effect revisited.
Academic Article Targeted ablation of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide-producing cells in transgenic mice reduces obesity and insulin resistance induced by a high fat diet.
Academic Article Gastric banding to treat obesity: band-aid or breakthrough?
Academic Article Cloning of rat KATP-2 channel and decreased expression in pancreatic islets of male Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
Academic Article Alterations in immunoreactive proinsulin and insulin clearance induced by weight loss in NIDDM.
Academic Article Alterations in pulsatile insulin secretion in the Zucker diabetic fatty rat.
Academic Article Basal insulin hypersecretion in insulin-resistant Zucker diabetic and Zucker fatty rats: role of enhanced fuel metabolism.
Academic Article Serum leptin levels in obese males during over- and underfeeding.
Academic Article Ginseng and ginsenoside Re do not improve ß-cell function or insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese subjects with impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes.
Academic Article C-peptide as a measure of the secretion and hepatic extraction of insulin. Pitfalls and limitations.

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