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Concept Models, Chemical
Concept Models, Molecular
Concept Models, Genetic
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Linear Models
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays
Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Theoretical foundation of the minimum-evolution method of phylogenetic inference.
Academic Article When is it safe to use an oversimplified substitution model in tree-making?
Academic Article Exon/intron structure of aldehyde dehydrogenase genes supports the "introns-late" theory.
Academic Article Estimating substitution rates in ribosomal RNA genes.
Academic Article A new method for characterizing replacement rate variation in molecular sequences. Application of the Fourier and wavelet models to Drosophila and mammalian proteins.
Academic Article Evolutionary relationships of eukaryotic kingdoms.
Academic Article Markov chain Monte Carlo computation of confidence intervals for substitution-rate variation in proteins.
Academic Article A novel hypothesis regarding the evolutionary origins of the immunoglobulin fold.
Academic Article Probabilistic prediction of unknown metabolic and signal-transduction networks.
Academic Article Of truth and pathways: chasing bits of information through myriads of articles.
Academic Article Birth and death of protein domains: a simple model of evolution explains power law behavior.
Academic Article Probabilistic inference of molecular networks from noisy data sources.
Academic Article Molecular triangulation: bridging linkage and molecular-network information for identifying candidate genes in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Learning to predict protein-protein interactions from protein sequences.
Academic Article Probing genetic overlap among complex human phenotypes.
Academic Article How to get the most out of your curation effort.
Academic Article A recipe for high impact.
Academic Article Conflicting biomedical assumptions for mathematical modeling: the case of cancer metastasis.
Academic Article Quantitative systems-level determinants of human genes targeted by successful drugs.
Academic Article Genetic-linkage mapping of complex hereditary disorders to a whole-genome molecular-interaction network.
Academic Article Novel opportunities for computational biology and sociology in drug discovery.
Academic Article Four-cluster analysis: a simple method to test phylogenetic hypotheses.
Academic Article Advancing science through mining libraries, ontologies, and communities.
Academic Article Phylogenetic test of the molecular clock and linearized trees.
Academic Article Interior-branch and bootstrap tests of phylogenetic trees.
Academic Article Unbiased estimates of the number of nucleotide substitutions when substitution rate varies among different sites.
Academic Article A knowledge model for analysis and simulation of regulatory networks.
Academic Article Birth of scale-free molecular networks and the number of distinct DNA and protein domains per genome.
Academic Article Self-correcting maps of molecular pathways.
Academic Article Tests of applicability of several substitution models for DNA sequence data.
Academic Article A nondegenerate code of deleterious variants in Mendelian loci contributes to complex disease risk.
Academic Article Quantifying the impact and extent of undocumented biomedical synonymy.
Academic Article Classification of common human diseases derived from shared genetic and environmental determinants.
Academic Article Comprehensive modeling reveals proximity, seasonality, and hygiene practices as key determinants of MRSA colonization in exposed households.
Academic Article Patchwork of contrasting medication cultures across the USA.
Academic Article Postnatal immune activation causes social deficits in a mouse model of tuberous sclerosis: Role of microglia and clinical implications.
Academic Article Targeting glioblastoma signaling and metabolism with a re-purposed brain-penetrant drug.
Academic Article Observable variations in human sex ratio at birth.

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