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keywords marine ecology, global change, ocean acidification, species interactions, microbial ecology
overview My research in ecology has focused on the dynamics of species in marine systems and the role they play at ecosystems scales. Two recurring themes in my research are the implications of species interactions for community and ecosystem dynamics, and the contribution of climate change to species dynamics. My interests can be broadly grouped into four areas: (1) the interplay between species and productivity in coastal marine ecosystems, (2) the implications of ocean acidification in coastal marine ecosystems, (3) identifying the causes and consequences of variability in marine populations and (4) understanding the relative impacts of genetic and demographic factors to extinction risk. I train PhD students who are interested in testing ecological and evolutionary concepts and pursuing new discoveries in marine ecosystems. Students in my lab have used a diversity of methods in their work, including mathematical models, genetics and -omics, biogeochemistry, and microscopy. There is a diverse group of faculty across multiple departments whose work is related to the ecology of the oceans, and the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole is our affiliate.
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Concept Biological Evolution
Concept Evolution, Molecular
Academic Article Patterns of variance in stage-structured populations: evolutionary predictions and ecological implications.
Academic Article The effect of size-dependent growth and environmental factors on animal size variability.
Academic Article Metagenomic profiling of a microbial assemblage associated with the California mussel: a node in networks of carbon and nitrogen cycling.
Academic Article The mixed mating system of the sea palm kelp Postelsia palmaeformis: few costs to selfing.
Academic Article The role of macrobiota in structuring microbial communities along rocky shores.
Academic Article Processes affecting extinction risk in the laboratory and in nature.
Academic Article Successional Dynamics and Seascape-Level Patterns of Microbial Communities on the Canopy-Forming Kelps Nereocystis luetkeana and Macrocystis pyrifera.
Academic Article Kelp beds and their local effects on seawater chemistry, productivity, and microbial communities.
Academic Article Standing genetic variation fuels rapid adaptation to ocean acidification.
Academic Article Oxygen metabolism shapes microbial settlement on photosynthetic kelp blades compared to artificial kelp substrates.
Academic Article Magnitude and Predictability of pH Fluctuations Shape Plastic Responses to Ocean Acidification.
Academic Article The evolutionary past and the uncertain future of foundational species.
Academic Article Microbial associates of an endemic Mediterranean seagrass enhance the access of the host and the surrounding seawater to inorganic nitrogen under ocean acidification.
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