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Concept Acne Vulgaris
Concept Acute Disease
Concept Alcoholism
Concept Airway Obstruction
Concept Alkalosis, Respiratory
Concept Amyloidosis
Concept Aggression
Concept Ataxia
Concept Arrhythmias, Cardiac
Concept Anaphylaxis
Concept Acidosis, Respiratory
Concept Acidosis
Concept Amnesia
Concept Analgesics, Opioid
Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Brain Diseases
Concept Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Concept Marijuana Abuse
Concept Carcinoid Tumor
Concept Antisocial Personality Disorder
Concept Asphyxia
Concept Asthma
Concept Anthrax
Concept Anxiety Disorders
Concept Pressure Ulcer
Concept Depressive Disorder
Concept Burns
Concept Atrial Fibrillation
Concept Chest Pain
Concept Aspergillosis, Allergic Bronchopulmonary
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Bipolar Disorder
Concept Burns, Chemical
Concept Emergency Treatment
Concept Cerebrovascular Disorders
Concept Bradycardia
Concept Cholera
Concept Food Hypersensitivity
Concept Cluster Headache
Concept Coma
Concept Combined Modality Therapy
Concept Brain Death
Concept Frostbite
Concept Gastrointestinal Diseases
Concept Genital Diseases, Female
Concept Glanders
Concept Cardiovascular Diseases
Concept Coronary Disease
Concept Cross Infection
Concept Chorea
Concept Hallucinations
Concept Hemorrhagic Fevers, Viral
Concept Colonic Diseases
Concept Communicable Diseases
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Concept Herpes Zoster
Concept Cystic Fibrosis
Concept Delirium
Concept Hypothermia
Concept Dizziness
Concept Diarrhea
Concept Joint Dislocations
Concept Epilepsy
Concept Drug Hypersensitivity
Concept Drug Therapy
Concept Foodborne Diseases
Concept Laryngitis
Concept Epiglottitis
Concept Leukemia
Concept Liver Abscess
Concept Hypertension
Concept Eye Burns
Concept Eye Diseases
Concept Drug Therapy, Combination
Concept Fractures, Closed
Concept Facial Nerve Diseases
Concept Influenza, Human
Concept Electrocardiography
Concept Extravasation of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Materials
Concept Kidney Diseases
Concept Heart Diseases
Concept Heart Failure
Concept Dystonia
Concept Dyskinesia, Drug-Induced
Concept Leukocytosis
Concept Environmental Exposure
Concept Gastroesophageal Reflux
Concept Therapeutic Irrigation
Concept Obstetric Labor, Premature
Concept Lead Poisoning
Concept Headache
Concept Hearing Loss, Noise-Induced
Concept Lung Diseases
Concept Malignant Carcinoid Syndrome
Concept Ischemia
Concept Hepatitis C
Concept Laryngeal Edema
Concept Leukemoid Reaction
Concept Hypertension, Portal
Concept Hypokalemia
Concept Movement Disorders
Concept Muscular Diseases
Concept Myocardial Infarction
Concept Opioid-Related Disorders
Concept Medication Errors
Concept Pregnancy
Concept Pregnancy, Multiple
Concept Necrosis
Concept Pain
Concept Mouth Diseases
Concept Craniocerebral Trauma
Concept Penile Induration
Concept Nervous System Diseases
Concept Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Concept Occupational Diseases
Concept Pancreatitis
Concept Oxygen Inhalation Therapy
Concept Shock, Septic
Concept Poisoning
Concept Streptococcal Infections
Concept Nausea
Concept Orbital Diseases
Concept Paraplegia
Concept Fatigue
Concept Plant Poisoning
Concept Postmortem Changes
Concept Physician Assistants
Concept Plague
Concept Purpura, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic
Concept Hypoglycemia
Concept Radiation Injuries
Concept Rhabdomyolysis
Concept Puerperal Disorders
Concept Protozoan Infections
Concept Q Fever
Concept Vision Disorders
Concept Lightning Injuries
Concept Miosis
Concept Stomatitis
Concept Respiratory Insufficiency
Concept Respiratory Tract Diseases
Concept Substance Withdrawal Syndrome
Concept Tachycardia, Supraventricular
Concept Snake Bites
Concept Hypercholesterolemia
Concept Hypertension, Pulmonary
Concept Immersion Foot
Concept Staphylococcal Infections
Concept Status Epilepticus
Concept Thrombosis
Concept Syndrome
Concept Behavior, Addictive
Concept Transsexualism
Concept Urologic Diseases
Concept Kidney Failure, Chronic
Concept Tularemia
Concept Smoke Inhalation Injury
Concept Inhalation Exposure
Concept Motor Skills Disorders
Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Concept Vomiting
Concept Viremia
Concept Wounds, Nonpenetrating
Concept Methemoglobinemia
Concept Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic
Concept Multiple Myeloma
Concept Chelation Therapy
Concept Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Concept Occupational Exposure
Concept Myoclonus
Concept Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Concept Treatment Outcome
Concept Mycobacterium Infections, Nontuberculous
Concept Myocarditis
Concept Tachycardia, Ventricular
Concept Pneumonia, Bacterial
Concept Heat Stress Disorders
Concept Venous Thromboembolism
Concept Parkinson Disease
Concept Dermatitis, Occupational
Concept Fatal Outcome
Concept Chronic Pain
Concept Tendinopathy
Concept Parotitis
Concept Polyarteritis Nodosa
Concept Headache Disorders
Concept Terrorism
Concept Pica
Concept Pleural Effusion
Concept Pneumonia
Concept Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects
Concept Postoperative Complications
Concept Pregnancy Complications
Concept Psoriasis
Concept Sleep Apnea Syndromes
Concept Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic
Concept Suicide, Attempted
Concept Ciguatera Poisoning
Concept Inhalant Abuse
Concept Smallpox
Concept Tachycardia
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Concept HIV Infections
Concept Urinary Tract Infections
Concept Treatment Failure
Concept Substance Abuse, Intravenous
Concept Dermatitis, Allergic Contact
Concept Neck Pain
Concept Gastroparesis
Concept Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury
Concept Arsenic Poisoning
Concept Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Concept Hearing Loss
Concept Acute Kidney Injury
Concept Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive
Concept Renal Insufficiency
Concept Intra-Abdominal Hypertension
Concept Alzheimer Disease
Concept Anemia, Sickle Cell
Concept Autonomic Nervous System Diseases
Concept Back Pain
Concept Bronchiectasis
Concept Brucellosis
Concept Burns, Inhalation
Concept Colitis, Ulcerative
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Encephalomyelitis, Venezuelan Equine
Concept Epilepsy, Generalized
Concept Fever
Concept Heart Arrest
Concept Heart Rate
Concept Hemorrhage
Concept Hepatorenal Syndrome
Concept Erectile Dysfunction
Concept Liver Diseases
Concept Lung Diseases, Obstructive
Concept Mercury Poisoning
Concept Musculoskeletal Diseases
Concept Neoplasms
Concept Lice Infestations
Concept Seizures
Concept Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Concept Stuttering
Concept Syncope
Concept Bacteremia
Concept Liver Failure, Acute
Concept Arthralgia
Concept Muscle Weakness
Concept Cocaine-Related Disorders
Concept Hemostatic Disorders
Concept Neurotoxicity Syndromes
Concept Latex Hypersensitivity
Concept Lewy Body Disease
Academic Article Multiple birth concordance of street drug assays of meconium analysis.
Academic Article Emergency department use of flumazenil prior to poison center consultation.
Academic Article Determination of drug exposure using hair: application to child protective cases.
Academic Article Summertime cluster of intentional ethylene glycol ingestions.
Academic Article Fetal cocaine exposure: analysis of vernix caseosa.
Academic Article Cocaine and beta-adrenergic blockers: a remarriage after a decade-long divorce?
Academic Article Environmental injuries.
Academic Article The determination of 11-nor-delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid (THCCOOH) in meconium.
Academic Article Use of subcutaneous terbutaline to reverse peripheral ischemia.
Academic Article Periodicity of presentations of drugs of abuse and overdose in an emergency department.
Academic Article Use of beta-hydroxybutyric acid levels in the emergency department.
Academic Article Trends in a decade of drug abuse presentation to an inner city ED.
Academic Article Massive crystalluria in a patient taking primidone.
Academic Article Treatment of ocular potassium permanganate exposure with 5% ascorbic acid solution.
Academic Article Relative safety of mirtazapine overdose.
Academic Article An unusual presentation of inhalant abuse with dissociative amnesia.
Academic Article Visualization of ingested medications in the stomach by ultrasound.
Academic Article Surveillance for carbon monoxide poisoning using a national media clipping service.
Academic Article Inadvertent administration of nebulized acetic acid.
Academic Article Fomepizole in ethylene glycol intoxication.
Academic Article Acute pediatric lead poisoning: combined whole bowel irrigation, succimer therapy, and endoscopic removal of ingested lead pellets.
Academic Article Post-mortem toxicology: what the dead can and cannot tell us.
Academic Article Combined exchange transfusion and chelation therapy for neonatal lead poisoning.
Academic Article Accidental clonidine patch ingestion in a child.
Academic Article Evaluation of drug therapy for treatment of hypertensive urgencies in the emergency department.
Academic Article Visual system side effects caused by parasympathetic dysfunction after botulinum toxin type B injections.
Academic Article Successful treatment of potentially fatal heavy metal poisonings.
Academic Article Blood pressure decrease prior to initiating pharmacological therapy in nonemergent hypertension.
Academic Article The disease of addiction: origins, treatment, and recovery. Foreword.
Academic Article Use of clonidine in the prevention and management of neonatal abstinence syndrome.
Academic Article Long-term psychiatric consequences from carbon monoxide exposure: progression of endogenous cause or toxicant effect?
Academic Article Computerized N-acetylcysteine physician order entry by template protocol for acetaminophen toxicity.
Academic Article Substance-related disorders in adults.
Academic Article A complicated hospitalization following dilute ammonium chloride ingestion.
Academic Article Use of thrombolytic therapy in axillary-subclavian vein thrombosis.
Academic Article Use of digoxin Fab immune fragments in a seven-day-old infant.
Academic Article Endotracheal administration of epinephrine and atropine.
Academic Article Treatment of ciguatera fish poisoning with amitriptyline and nifedipine.
Academic Article The toxic patient as a potential organ donor.
Academic Article Radiopacity study of extended-release formulations using digitalized radiography.
Academic Article Biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction: updated clinical therapeutic countermeasures since 2003.
Academic Article Treatment of neuroleptic malignant syndrome with diphenhydramine.
Academic Article The usefulness of the arterial blood gas in pure carbon monoxide poisoning.
Academic Article PCP or cocaine intoxication?
Academic Article Use of fab fragments of digoxin-specific antibodies in the therapy of massive digoxin poisoning.
Academic Article Severe methanol ingestion treated successfully without hemodialysis.
Academic Article Status epilepticus due to tiagabine ingestion.
Academic Article Topical pyrethrin toxicity leading to acute-onset stuttering in a toddler.
Academic Article False-positive and false-negative rates in meconium drug testing.
Academic Article Guillain-Barr? syndrome.
Academic Article Acute lupus pneumonitis in the postpartum period: a case history and review of the literature.
Academic Article Toxicology training in US and Canadian medical schools.
Academic Article Inadvertent epidural gentamicin administration.
Academic Article An approach to dialysis for ethylene glycol intoxication.
Academic Article Detection of anticardiolipin antibody in patients with cocaine abuse.
Academic Article Symptomatic nitroglycerin toxicity from erroneous use of topical nitroglycerine.
Academic Article Best practices for the treatment of patients with mental and substance use illnesses in the emergency department.
Academic Article The spectrum of hypothermia: from environmental exposure to therapeutic uses and medical simulation.
Academic Article The metoclopramide black box warning for tardive dyskinesia: effect on clinical practice, adverse event reporting, and prescription drug lawsuits.
Academic Article The General approach to the poisoned patient. Foreword.
Academic Article Nutmeg poisonings: a retrospective review of 10 years experience from the Illinois Poison Center, 2001-2011.
Academic Article Cholinergic symptoms with low serum cholinesterase from therapeutic cholinesterase inhibitor toxicity.
Academic Article Headache disorders foreword.
Academic Article Foreword.
Academic Article The X factor: Lack of bleeding after an acute apixaban overdose.
Academic Article Primary Headache Disorders: Parts I & II.
Academic Article The Joint Commission and the Opioid Epidemic.
Academic Article Biologics for the primary care physician: Review and treatment of psoriasis.
Academic Article Renal Complications during Pregnancy: In the Hypertension Spectrum.
Academic Article Metal-on-Metal Hip Joint Prostheses: a Retrospective Case Series Investigating the Association of Systemic Toxicity with Serum Cobalt and Chromium Concentrations.
Academic Article Foot disorders in the elderly: A mini-review.
Academic Article Current and Prospective Therapies for Acute Liver Failure.
Academic Article Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis using the Caprini score.
Academic Article Traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Short-Term Graft Failure of Organs Procured from Drug-Related Deaths Compared with Other Causes of Death.
Academic Article Gallbladder disorders: A comprehensive review.
Academic Article Foreword: Diagnostic protocols and newer treatment modalities for cluster headache.
Concept Organophosphate Poisoning
Concept Drug Overdose
Concept Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions
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