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Concept Acetylcholine
Academic Article Pertussis toxin augments beta-adrenergic relaxation of muscarinic contraction in canine trachealis.
Academic Article Physiologic significance of epithelial removal on guinea pig tracheal smooth muscle response to acetylcholine and serotonin.
Academic Article Physiological mechanisms mediating enhanced force generation during development and immune sensitization.
Academic Article EP1 receptor blockade attenuates both spontaneous tone and PGE2-elicited contraction in guinea pig trachealis.
Academic Article Muscarinic hyperresponsiveness of antigen-sensitized feline airway smooth muscle in vitro.
Academic Article Selective restoration of calcium coupling to muscarinic M(3) receptors in contractile cultured airway myocytes.
Academic Article Ontogenic expression of acetylcholinesterase activity in trachealis of young swine.
Academic Article Effect of in vitro preconditioning on tracheal smooth muscle responsiveness.
Academic Article Endotoxin in vivo impairs endothelium-dependent relaxation of canine arteries in vitro.
Academic Article Latrunculin B increases force fluctuation-induced relengthening of ACh-contracted, isotonically shortened canine tracheal smooth muscle.
Academic Article Maturation of acetylcholinesterase expression in tracheal smooth muscle contraction.
Academic Article Beta-adrenergic relaxation of dog trachealis: contractile agonist-specific interaction.
Academic Article Force fluctuation-induced relengthening of acetylcholine-contracted airway smooth muscle.
Academic Article Immune sensitization augments epithelium-dependent spontaneous tone in guinea pig trachealis.
Academic Article Effect of immune sensitization on stimulated ACh release from trachealis muscle in vitro.
Academic Article Antagonism of relaxation to isoproterenol caused by agonist interactions.
Academic Article Ca2+-dependent facilitated shortening in isotonic contraction of trachealis muscle.
Academic Article Mechanism of action of respiratory acidosis on tracheal smooth muscle.
Academic Article Local parasympathetic mechanisms for ragweed-sensitized canine trachealis hyperresponsiveness.
Academic Article Force and myosin light chain phosphorylation in dog airway smooth muscle activated in different ways.
Academic Article Eosinophils, major basic protein, and polycationic peptides augment bovine airway myocyte Ca2+ mobilization.

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