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overview Research and development projects are primarily related to imaging informatics as well as enterprise-wide informatics interoperability issues. Recognized expert in the field of imaging informatics. Work in workstation design has resulted in presentation and navigation models that have been adopted by most PACS vendors. Co-inventor of a novel lossless wavelet-based image distribution mechanism, dynamic transfer syntax (DTS); this technology subsequently commercialized by the creation of Stentor PACS, acquired by Philips Medical Systems. This PACS system is used by several hundred hospitals worldwide and is a world-wide leader in market share. Current informatics initiatives at the University of Chicago under include 1) the development of a robust SOA-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that provides web-services access to clinical information to allow the creation of customized clinical and research applications; 2) an ambitious “closed loop imaging” infrastructure that establishes interoperability across information systems, including modalities, to improve efficiency and quality in image acquisition, interpretation, and results delivery/acknowledgement; 3) an enterprise wide business intelligence and analytics infrastructure leveraging existing SOA architecture and noSQL approaches to support advanced analytics, machine learning, and complex workflow orchestration
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Concept Diagnostic Imaging
Concept Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Research imaging in an academic medical center.
Academic Article Evaluating the Referring Physician's Clinical History and Indication as a Means for Communicating Chronic Conditions That Are Pertinent at the Point of Radiologic Interpretation.
Academic Article Benign and Malignant Thyroid Incidentalomas Are Rare in Routine Clinical Practice: A Review of 97,908 Imaging Studies.
Academic Article Lack of timely follow-up of abnormal imaging results and radiologists' recommendations.
Academic Article Flying blind: using a digital dashboard to navigate a complex PACS environment.
Academic Article The Effect of a Technologist-Centered Electronic Review and Feedback System on Image Quality.
Academic Article The radiology digital dashboard: effects on report turnaround time.
Academic Article 'Wet Reads' in the age of PACS: technical and workflow considerations for a preliminary report system.
Academic Article Integrating dictation with PACS to eliminate paper.
Award or Honor Receipt Fellow, College of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM)
Academic Article Automatic Normalization of Anatomical Phrases in Radiology Reports Using Unsupervised Learning.
Academic Article SimpleDICOM suite: personal productivity tools for managing DICOM objects.
Academic Article Low Utility of Screening Hematologic Testing for Image-Guided Biopsies in Patients Without Bleeding Risks.
Concept Image-Guided Biopsy
Academic Article Imaging Informatics: Maturing Beyond Adolescence to Enable the Return of the Doctor's Doctor.
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