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keywords Embryogenesis
overview The Schmidt-Ott lab uses experimental and genomic approaches to study the evolution of embryogenesis in flies, including midges and mosquitoes (Diptera). We seek to understand how and why, in embryos, morphogenesis, pattern formation, axis specification, gene regulation, and gene function change over time. For example, we discovered that the embryos of different fly species use structurally unrelated genes to establish embryo polarity and seek to understand why these essential developmental genes are frequently replaced in evolution and how they acquire this function. In another project, we discovered that the dynamics of a morphogen gradient required for tissue differentiation differs between species. We seek to understand how morphgogen gradient dynamics evolve and alter embryogenesis, including tissue specification and morphogenesis. In general, we welcome students and scholars who are interested in understanding how plasticity and robustness of embryogenesis shape the genetic basis of embryos over time.

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