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Concept Transcription Factors
Concept Maf Transcription Factors, Large
Concept GATA6 Transcription Factor
Concept Transcription Factor 7-Like 2 Protein
Concept Activating Transcription Factor 4
Concept Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors
Concept T Cell Transcription Factor 1
Concept Forkhead Transcription Factors
Academic Article Gene expression profiling leads to identification of GLI1-binding elements in target genes and a role for multiple downstream pathways in GLI1-induced cell transformation.
Academic Article Comparative genomics at the vertebrate extremes.
Academic Article Identifying synonymous regulatory elements in vertebrate genomes.
Academic Article A molecular pathway including Id2, Tbx5, and Nkx2-5 required for cardiac conduction system development.
Academic Article In vivo characterization of a vertebrate ultraconserved enhancer.
Academic Article In vivo enhancer analysis of human conserved non-coding sequences.
Academic Article ECR Browser: a tool for visualizing and accessing data from comparisons of multiple vertebrate genomes.
Academic Article Homotypic clusters of transcription factor binding sites are a key component of human promoters and enhancers.
Academic Article Genome-wide identification of conserved regulatory function in diverged sequences.
Academic Article Modulation ofTcf7l2 expression alters behavior in mice.
Academic Article Insights into the organization of dorsal spinal cord pathways from an evolutionarily conserved raldh2 intronic enhancer.
Academic Article Dual transcriptional activator and repressor roles of TBX20 regulate adult cardiac structure and function.
Academic Article Tbx20 regulates a genetic program essential to adult mouse cardiomyocyte function.
Academic Article Predicting tissue-specific enhancers in the human genome.
Academic Article Alterations in TCF7L2 expression define its role as a key regulator of glucose metabolism.
Academic Article Appendage expression driven by the Hoxd Global Control Region is an ancient gnathostome feature.
Academic Article In vitro scan for enhancers at the TCF7L2 locus.
Academic Article TCF7L2 and glucose metabolism: time to look beyond the pancreas.
Academic Article TCF7L2 is a master regulator of insulin production and processing.
Academic Article Early-life physical activity reverses metabolic and Foxo1 epigenetic misregulation induced by gestational sleep disturbance.
Academic Article Evidence of non-pancreatic beta cell-dependent roles of Tcf7l2 in the regulation of glucose metabolism in mice.
Academic Article Beyond the ENCODE project: using genomics and epigenomics strategies to study enhancer evolution.
Academic Article HIF1a Represses Cell Stress Pathways to Allow Proliferation of Hypoxic Fetal Cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article TCF7L2 (Transcription Factor 7-Like 2) Regulation of GATA6 (GATA-Binding Protein 6)-Dependent and -Independent Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Plasticity and Intimal Hyperplasia.
Academic Article Extensive pleiotropism and allelic heterogeneity mediate metabolic effects of IRX3 and IRX5.
Academic Article Establishment of human induced trophoblast stem-like cells from term villous cytotrophoblasts.
Academic Article A non-coding variant linked to metabolic obesity with normal weight affects actin remodelling in subcutaneous adipocytes.
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