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overview I am a clinical geneticist and 50% of my effort is devoted to patient activity. I participate in a general genetics clinic one full day where with a team of genetic counselors and fellows we see a wide range of both adult and pediatric patients for evaluation, diagnosis, counseling and treatment for genetic disorders. In addition I am involved in several multidisciplinary clinics including Marfan and Craniofacial clinic. I am also involved in education throughout the university specifically in the medical school. I am interested in developing new and unique curriculum for integrating genetics into the four years of the medical school training and residency programs. I am the Program Director for the Genetics Laboratory Training Program in molecular and cytogenetics and soon to be Laboratory Genetics and Genomics program. I am also interested in developing curriculum to facilitate the training of clinical genetics professionals on new technology. Specifically I have been involved in developing tools that help counselors and clinicians to interpret new genetic technology such as microarray and Next Generation sequencing results for panels and exome sequencing. Since I am mostly involved in the clinical aspects of the Department of Human Genetics my research is collaborative where I provide a clinical perspective for others research programs. My goal is to provide clinical correlation for the basic science research projects in the department. I have been involved in projects looking at telomere genotype/phenotype correlations, Soto syndrome, and chromosome abnormalities. I have recently been involved in a project with Dr.Carole Ober studying different clinic phenotypes in the Hutterite populations.
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