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Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Dynamics of disease resistance polymorphism at the Rpm1 locus of Arabidopsis.
Academic Article Should models of disease dynamics in herbivorous insects include the effects of variability in host-plant foliage quality?
Academic Article Combining population-dynamic and ecophysiological models to predict climate-induced insect range shifts.
Academic Article The combined effects of pathogens and predators on insect outbreaks.
Academic Article Uncertainty in predictions of disease spread and public health responses to bioterrorism and emerging diseases.
Academic Article Food limitation and insect outbreaks: complex dynamics in plant-herbivore models.
Academic Article Host-pathogen interactions, insect outbreaks, and natural selection for disease resistance.
Academic Article Combining stochastic models with experiments to understand the dynamics of monarch butterfly colonization.
Academic Article Using mechanistic models to understand synchrony in forest insect populations: the North American gypsy moth as a case study.
Academic Article Pathogen persistence in the environment and insect-baculovirus interactions: disease-density thresholds, epidemic burnout, and insect outbreaks.
Academic Article Induced plant defenses, host-pathogen interactions, and forest insect outbreaks.
Academic Article Population-level differences in disease transmission: a Bayesian analysis of multiple smallpox epidemics.
Academic Article Effects of forest spatial structure on insect outbreaks: insights from a host-parasitoid model.
Academic Article Stochasticity and Infectious Disease Dynamics: Density and Weather Effects on a Fungal Insect Pathogen.

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