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Concept Evolution, Molecular
Academic Article Retroposition of autosomal mRNA yielded testis-specific gene family on human Y chromosome.
Academic Article Four evolutionary strata on the human X chromosome.
Academic Article Genic mutation rates in mammals: local similarity, chromosomal heterogeneity, and X-versus-autosome disparity.
Academic Article How mammalian sex chromosomes acquired their peculiar gene content.
Academic Article Diverse fates of paralogs following segmental duplication of telomeric genes.
Academic Article Reconstructing the evolutionary history of microcephalin, a gene controlling human brain size.
Academic Article Accelerated evolution of nervous system genes in the origin of Homo sapiens.
Academic Article A highly unexpected strong correlation between fixation probability of nonsynonymous mutations and mutation rate.
Academic Article Rate of molecular evolution of the seminal protein gene SEMG2 correlates with levels of female promiscuity.
Academic Article A primate-specific acceleration in the evolution of the caspase-dependent apoptosis pathway.
Academic Article The evolution of word composition in metazoan promoter sequence.
Academic Article Evolutionary and biomedical insights from the rhesus macaque genome.
Academic Article Sonic Hedgehog, a key development gene, experienced intensified molecular evolution in primates.
Academic Article Human polymorphism and human-chimpanzee divergence in pseudoautosomal region correlate with local recombination rate.
Academic Article Robust signals of coevolution of interacting residues in mammalian proteomes identified by phylogeny-aided structural analysis.
Academic Article Adaptive evolution of MRG, a neuron-specific gene family implicated in nociception.
Academic Article The ongoing adaptive evolution of ASPM and Microcephalin is not explained by increased intelligence.
Academic Article Uncovering the mutation-fixation correlation in short lineages.
Academic Article Effects of chromosomal rearrangements on human-chimpanzee molecular evolution.
Academic Article SPEED: a molecular-evolution-based database of mammalian orthologous groups.
Academic Article Molecular evolution of the brain size regulator genes CDK5RAP2 and CENPJ.
Academic Article Systematically assessing the influence of 3-dimensional structural context on the molecular evolution of mammalian proteomes.
Academic Article A genome-wide screen for noncoding elements important in primate evolution.
Academic Article Genetic links between brain development and brain evolution.
Academic Article Selective constraint on noncoding regions of hominid genomes.

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