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Concept Ethics, Medical
Concept Education, Medical, Graduate
Concept Renal Dialysis
Concept Faculty, Medical
Concept Medical Staff, Hospital
Concept Medical Audit
Concept Pathology
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Concept Medical Futility
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Concept Medical Errors
Concept Medical Tourism
Academic Article Advance directive use among patients undergoing selected high-risk surgical procedures.
Academic Article Ethical guidelines in surgical patient care.
Academic Article Medical ethics curriculum for surgical residents: results of a pilot project.
Academic Article Opinions and use of advance directives by physicians at a tertiary care hospital.
Academic Article Ethical issues in surgical treatment and research.
Academic Article Changing the diagnosis with retrospective review: a consideration of ethical issues.
Academic Article Medical professionalism: one size fits all?
Academic Article Is there a role for living donor intestine transplants?
Academic Article American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and American Association of Endocrine Surgeons Medical Guidelines for the Management of Adrenal Incidentalomas: executive summary of recommendations.
Academic Article The transplant surgeon and transplant tourists: ethical and surgical issues.
Academic Article The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and American Association of Endocrine Surgeons medical guidelines for the management of adrenal incidentalomas.
Academic Article Ethical and medicolegal issues in neuromonitoring during thyroid and parathyroid surgery: a review of the recent literature.
Academic Article Communicating errors.
Academic Article Ethics education in surgical residency: past, present, and future.
Academic Article How does the operative strategy for primary hyperparathyroidism impact the findings and cure rate? A comparison of 800 parathyroidectomies.
Academic Article Parathyroid surgery in renal failure patients.
Academic Article Does compassion for a family justify providing futile CPR?
Academic Article The ethical challenges of surgical innovation for patient care.
Academic Article Responding to patient requests to withdraw life support: surgical ethics and responsibility.
Academic Article Living donation and cosmetic surgery: a double standard in medical ethics?
Academic Article Ethical management of conflict of interest: proposed standards for academic surgical societies.
Academic Article Annotated bibliography of ethics in surgery.
Academic Article Physicians and cancer patients: communication and advance directives.
Academic Article Six core competencies and seven deadly sins: a virtues-based approach to the new guidelines for graduate medical education.
Academic Article Complications, errors, and surgical ethics.
Academic Article Futility: what Cool Hand Luke can teach the surgical community.
Academic Article Palliative philosophy: the ethical underpinning.
Academic Article Medical student in the middle: how much can students tell patient?
Academic Article Ethics in surgery.
Academic Article Commentary on: guidelines for the review of pathology in the research context.
Academic Article Ethics and genomic medicine, how to navigate decisions in surgical oncology.
Academic Article Leontiasis ossea caused by long-standing hyperparathyroidism secondary to chronic renal failure.
Academic Article Clinical and professional ethics guidelines for the practice of thyroidology.
Academic Article The "call for help": intraoperative consultation and the surgeon-patient relationship.
Academic Article Ethical responsibilities of caring for patients with incidental thyroid nodules.
Academic Article Surgical Ethics Symposium: Ethical dilemmas in surgical practice.
Academic Article History and evolution of surgical ethics: John Gregory to the twenty-first century.
Academic Article Management Guidelines for Children with Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer.
Academic Article When a Surgical Colleague Makes an Error.
Academic Article The Ethics of Introducing New Surgical Technology Into Clinical Practice: The Importance of the Patient-Surgeon Relationship.
Academic Article How Should Colleagues Respond to Diminishing Capacities of an Aging Surgeon?
Academic Article Incidence, Risk Factors, and Clinical Outcomes of Incidental Parathyroidectomy During Thyroid Surgery.
Academic Article Indications and extent of central neck dissection for papillary thyroid cancer: An American Head and Neck Society Consensus Statement.
Academic Article A Tale of Two Cancers: Traveling to Treat Pancreatic and Thyroid Cancer.
Academic Article Ensuring Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Academic Surgery: An American Surgical Association White Paper.
Academic Article Preoperative calcitriol reduces postoperative intravenous calcium requirements and length of stay in parathyroidectomy for renal-origin hyperparathyroidism.
Academic Article Research ethics dilemmas in thyroid disease.
Academic Article Growing incidence of thyroid carcinoma in recent years: Factors underlying overdiagnosis.
Academic Article Surgical ethics and the future of surgical practice.
Academic Article American Head and Neck Society Endocrine Section clinical consensus statement: North American quality statements and evidence-based multidisciplinary workflow algorithms for the evaluation and management of thyroid nodules.
Academic Article American Head and Neck Society Endocrine Surgery Section update on parathyroid imaging for surgical candidates with primary hyperparathyroidism.
Academic Article A Survey of American Thyroid Association Members Regarding the 2015 Adult Thyroid Nodule and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines.
Academic Article Medically Necessary, Time-Sensitive Procedures: Scoring System to Ethically and Efficiently Manage Resource Scarcity and Provider Risk During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Pediatric Modification of the Medically Necessary, Time-Sensitive Scoring System for Operating Room Procedure Prioritization During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Should This Operation Proceed? When Residents and Faculty Disagree During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Recovery.
Academic Article A Crucial Moment for Reflection on the Importance of Ethical Leadership in Academic Medicine.
Academic Article Invited Commentary: The Challenge of DNR Orders in the Operating Room.

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