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Concept Models, Statistical
Academic Article Random effects probit and logistic regression models for three-level data.
Academic Article High-dimensional multivariate probit analysis.
Academic Article Emergence of childhood psychiatric disorders: a multivariate probit analysis.
Academic Article A comment on the selection of 'healthy controls' for psychiatric experiments.
Academic Article Estimation and classification of fMRI hemodynamic response patterns.
Academic Article A random-effects ordinal regression model for multilevel analysis.
Academic Article Application of random-effects probit regression models.
Academic Article A statistical model for the classification of imipramine response in depressed inpatients.
Academic Article MIXREG: a computer program for mixed-effects regression analysis with autocorrelated errors.
Academic Article Role of previous claims and specialty on the effectiveness of risk-management education for office-based physicians.
Academic Article Some conceptual and statistical issues in analysis of longitudinal psychiatric data. Application to the NIMH treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program dataset.
Academic Article What is the mechanism by which suicide attempts predispose to later suicide attempts? A mathematical model.
Academic Article Using latent variable modeling and multiple imputation to calibrate rater bias in diagnosis assessment.
Academic Article Multicenter development and validation of a risk stratification tool for ward patients.
Academic Article A statistical method for evaluating suicide clusters and implementing cluster surveillance.
Academic Article Multiple imputation for harmonizing longitudinal non-commensurate measures in individual participant data meta-analysis.
Academic Article Computerized Adaptive Diagnosis and Testing of Mental Health Disorders.
Academic Article A note on marginalization of regression parameters from mixed models of binary outcomes.
Academic Article Revisiting Rayong: shifting seroprofiles of dengue in Thailand and their implications for transmission and control.

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