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Academic Article The relationship between antidepressant medication use and rate of suicide.
Academic Article Relationship between antidepressants and suicide attempts: an analysis of the Veterans Health Administration data sets.
Academic Article The relationship between antidepressant prescription rates and rate of early adolescent suicide.
Academic Article The role of randomized trials in testing interventions for the prevention of youth suicide.
Academic Article Proper studies of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are needed for youth with depression.
Academic Article Relationship between antiepileptic drugs and suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Antiepileptic medications and the risk of suicide.
Academic Article Mixed-effects Poisson regression analysis of adverse event reports: the relationship between antidepressants and suicide.
Academic Article Strategies for quantifying the relationship between medications and suicidal behaviour: what has been learned?
Academic Article Suicidal thoughts and behavior with antidepressant treatment: reanalysis of the randomized placebo-controlled studies of fluoxetine and venlafaxine.
Academic Article Is the rate of suicide among veterans elevated?
Academic Article Association between leukotriene-modifying agents and suicide: what is the evidence?
Academic Article Gabapentin and suicide attempts.
Academic Article Does one nonlethal suicide attempt increase the risk for a subsequent nonlethal attempt?
Academic Article Pollen counts and suicide rates. Association not replicated.
Academic Article Antiepileptic drugs and suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder—reply.
Academic Article Association of suicide and antidepressant prescription rates in Japan, 1999-2003.
Academic Article Early evidence on the effects of regulators' suicidality warnings on SSRI prescriptions and suicide in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Post-approval drug safety surveillance.
Academic Article Suicide and prescription rates of intranasal corticosteroids and nonsedating antihistamines for allergic rhinitis: an ecological study.
Academic Article What is the mechanism by which suicide attempts predispose to later suicide attempts? A mathematical model.
Academic Article Risk of suicide attempt in asthmatic children and young adults prescribed leukotriene-modifying agents: a nested case-control study.
Academic Article Inappropriate data and measures lead to questionable conclusions--reply.
Academic Article Suicide risk and efficacy of antidepressant drugs--reply.
Academic Article Relationship between leukotriene-modifying agent prescriptions dispensed and rate of suicide deaths by county in the US.
Academic Article Antidepressant treatment and suicide attempts and self-inflicted injury in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder tend to precede, not follow, initiation of antiepileptic drugs.
Academic Article Guns and suicide.
Academic Article A statistical method for evaluating suicide clusters and implementing cluster surveillance.
Academic Article The statistics of suicide.
Academic Article Varenicline, smoking cessation, and neuropsychiatric adverse events.
Academic Article Development of a Computerized Adaptive Test Suicide Scale-The CAT-SS.
Academic Article Suicide Rates and the Declining Psychiatric Hospital Bed Capacity in the United States.
Academic Article An inflammatory profile linked to increased suicide risk.
Academic Article Association Between Parental Medical Claims for Opioid Prescriptions and Risk of Suicide Attempt by Their Children.
Grant Synthesis of Trials to Prevent Suicide Risk Behavior in Sexual and Gender Minorities
Grant Antidepressant Treatment and Suicidality: Biostatistical/Methodological Solutions
Grant Emergency Department Screen for Teens at Risk for Suicide (ED-STARS)
Grant Harnessing Computerized Adaptive Testing, Transdiagnostic Theories of Suicidal Behavior, and Machine Learning to Advance the Emergent Assessment of Suicidal Youth (EASY).
Academic Article Challenges of Suicide Outcomes Ascertainment in Administrative Claims Databases-Reply.
Academic Article Medication for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Risk for Suicide Attempts.
Academic Article Effect of the Wingman-Connect Upstream Suicide Prevention Program for Air Force Personnel in Training: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Prospective Development and Validation of the Computerized Adaptive Screen for Suicidal Youth.
Academic Article Predicting suicidality using a computer adaptive test: Two longitudinal studies of sexual and gender minority youth.
Academic Article Predicting the Transition From Suicidal Ideation to Suicide Attempt Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youths.
Academic Article Concomitant opioid and benzodiazepine use and risk of suicide attempt and intentional self-harm: Pharmacoepidemiologic study.
Academic Article Validation of a Computerized Adaptive Test Suicide Scale (CAT-SS) among United States Military Veterans.

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