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Concept Neurons
Concept Neurons, Afferent
Academic Article A continuum mechanical model of mechanoreceptive afferent responses to indented spatial patterns.
Academic Article The neural coding of stimulus intensity: linking the population response of mechanoreceptive afferents with psychophysical behavior.
Academic Article The representation of stimulus orientation in the early stages of somatosensory processing.
Academic Article Tactile intensity and population codes.
Academic Article Discriminating smooth from grooved surfaces: effects of random variations in skin penetration.
Academic Article Convergence of submodality-specific input onto neurons in primary somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Does afferent heterogeneity matter in conveying tactile feedback through peripheral nerve stimulation?
Academic Article Millisecond precision spike timing shapes tactile perception.
Academic Article Neural mechanisms of tactile motion integration in somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article The effect of surface wave propagation on neural responses to vibration in primate glabrous skin.
Academic Article Multiplexing stimulus information through rate and temporal codes in primate somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Restoring tactile and proprioceptive sensation through a brain interface.
Academic Article Touch is a team effort: interplay of submodalities in cutaneous sensibility.
Academic Article The neural basis of tactile motion perception.
Academic Article Steven Hsiao: in memoriam.
Academic Article Perceptual spaces: mathematical structures to neural mechanisms.
Academic Article The neural basis of perceived intensity in natural and artificial touch.
Academic Article A computational model that predicts behavioral sensitivity to intracortical microstimulation.
Academic Article Simulating tactile signals from the whole hand with millisecond precision.
Academic Article Methodological considerations for a chronic neural interface with the cuneate nucleus of macaques.
Academic Article Neural Coding of Contact Events in Somatosensory Cortex.
Academic Article High-dimensional representation of texture in somatosensory cortex of primates.
Academic Article Feeling fooled: Texture contaminates the neural code for tactile speed.
Academic Article Postural Representations of the Hand in the Primate Sensorimotor Cortex.
Academic Article Neural population dynamics in motor cortex are different for reach and grasp.
Academic Article Information about contact force and surface texture is mixed in the firing rates of cutaneous afferent neurons.
Academic Article Encoding of limb state by single neurons in the cuneate nucleus of awake monkeys.
Academic Article Sensory computations in the cuneate nucleus of macaques.
Academic Article Stoney vs. Histed: Quantifying the spatial effects of intracortical microstimulation.
Academic Article Texture is encoded in precise temporal spiking patterns in primate somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article A context-dependent switch from sensing to feeling in the primate amygdala.
Grant Probing somatosensory representations in the cuneate nucleus of awake primates
Grant Hand proprioception and sensorimotor interplay
Academic Article Microstimulation of human somatosensory cortex evokes task-dependent, spatially patterned responses in motor cortex.
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