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Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Stochastic Processes
Concept Signal-To-Noise Ratio
Academic Article Correction for photon attenuation in SPECT: analytical framework, average attenuation factors, and a new hybrid approach.
Academic Article Image restoration and reconstruction with a Bayesian approach.
Academic Article Computationally efficient and statistically robust image reconstruction in three-dimensional diffraction tomography.
Academic Article Unified reconstruction theory for diffraction tomography, with consideration of noise control.
Academic Article Optimal noise control in and fast reconstruction of fan-beam computed tomography image.
Academic Article Fast reconstruction with uniform noise properties in halfscan computed tomography.
Academic Article Quasi-bandlimited properties of radon transforms and their implications for increasing angular sampling densities.
Academic Article Nonparametric regression sinogram smoothing using a roughness-penalized Poisson likelihood objective function.
Academic Article Anti-aliasing weighting functions for single-slice helical CT.
Academic Article Favorable noise uniformity properties of Fourier-based interpolation and reconstruction approaches in single-slice helical computed tomography.
Academic Article Image reconstruction with shift-variant filtration and its implication for noise and resolution properties in fan-beam computed tomography.
Academic Article Effects of constant frequency noise in magnetic resonance imaging with nonuniform k-space sampling.
Academic Article Sampling and aliasing consequences of quarter-detector offset use in helical CT.
Academic Article An exact Fourier rebinning algorithm for 3D PET imaging using panel detectors.
Academic Article Half-scan fan-beam computed tomography with improved noise and resolution properties.
Academic Article Impact of polychromatic x-ray sources on helical, cone-beam computed tomography and dual-energy methods.
Academic Article Partial volume and aliasing artefacts in helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article An extended data function and its generalized backprojection for image reconstruction in helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Data redundancy and reduced-scan reconstruction in reflectivity tomography.
Academic Article Minimum data image reconstruction algorithms with shift-invariant filtering for helical, cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Region-of-interest image reconstruction with intensity weighting in circular cone-beam CT for image-guided radiation therapy.
Academic Article Local cone-beam tomography image reconstruction on chords.
Academic Article Optimization-based reconstruction of sparse images from few-view projections.
Academic Article Accurate image reconstruction from few-view and limited-angle data in diffraction tomography.
Academic Article Enhanced imaging of microcalcifications in digital breast tomosynthesis through improved image-reconstruction algorithms.
Academic Article Convex optimization problem prototyping for image reconstruction in computed tomography with the Chambolle-Pock algorithm.
Academic Article Evaluation of sparse-view reconstruction from flat-panel-detector cone-beam CT.
Academic Article A constrained, total-variation minimization algorithm for low-intensity x-ray CT.
Academic Article Non-iterative methods incorporating a priori source distribution and data information for suppression of image noise and artefacts in 3D SPECT.
Academic Article Reduction of computed tomography metal artifacts due to the Fletcher-Suit applicator in gynecology patients receiving intracavitary brachytherapy.
Academic Article EPR imaging: the relationship between CW spectra acquired from an extended sample subjected to fixed stepped gradients and the Radon transform of the resonance density.
Academic Article Targeted-ROI imaging in electron paramagnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Exact reconstruction of volumetric images in reverse helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Image reconstruction in circular cone-beam computed tomography by constrained, total-variation minimization.
Academic Article Comparison of human and Hotelling observer performance for a fan-beam CT signal detection task.
Academic Article First-order convex feasibility algorithms for x-ray CT.
Academic Article Optimization-based image reconstruction from sparse-view data in offset-detector CBCT.
Academic Article Task-based optimization of dedicated breast CT via Hotelling observer metrics.
Academic Article A new reconstruction approach for reflection mode diffraction tomography.
Academic Article Artifact reduction in short-scan CBCT by use of optimization-based reconstruction.
Academic Article Dynamic intensity-weighted region of interest imaging for conebeam CT.
Academic Article Investigation of optimization-based reconstruction with an image-total-variation constraint in PET.
Academic Article Optimization-based image reconstruction with artifact reduction in C-arm CBCT.
Academic Article Optimization-based image reconstruction from sparsely sampled data in electron paramagnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Algorithm-enabled partial-angular-scan configurations for dual-energy CT.
Academic Article Estimating the spectrum in computed tomography via Kullback-Leibler divergence constrained optimization.
Academic Article Image reconstruction and scan configurations enabled by optimization-based algorithms in multispectral CT.
Academic Article Analytic image reconstruction in local phase-contrast tomography.
Academic Article Region-of-interest imaging in differential phase-contrast tomography.
Academic Article Directional-TV algorithm for image reconstruction from limited-angular-range data.
Academic Article A signal detection model for quantifying overregularization in nonlinear image reconstruction.

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