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Concept Acute Disease
Concept Abortion, Spontaneous
Concept Arteriovenous Malformations
Concept Adenoma
Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Anxiety
Concept Hypoxia, Brain
Concept Angina Pectoris
Concept Cerebral Infarction
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental
Concept Atrial Fibrillation
Concept Calcinosis
Concept Ischemic Attack, Transient
Concept Cardiomyopathy, Dilated
Concept Cardiovascular Diseases
Concept Coronary Disease
Concept Constriction, Pathologic
Concept Clotrimazole
Concept Coronary Artery Disease
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Concept Huntington Disease
Concept Coronary Thrombosis
Concept Hypersensitivity
Concept Diabetic Angiopathies
Concept Cerebral Hemorrhage
Concept Cardiomegaly
Concept Hyperaldosteronism
Concept Hypertension
Concept Chronic Disease
Concept Coronary Vasospasm
Concept Depression
Concept Electrocardiography
Concept Neovascularization, Pathologic
Concept Obesity
Concept Heart Diseases
Concept Heart Failure
Concept Dyspnea
Concept Hyperlipidemias
Concept Inflammation
Concept Ischemia
Concept Myocardial Infarction
Concept Mesothelioma
Concept Myocardial Contraction
Concept Hemangioma, Cavernous
Concept Hemangiosarcoma
Concept Neural Tube Defects
Concept Lung Neoplasms
Concept Failure to Thrive
Concept Fibrosis
Concept Pre-Eclampsia
Concept Hyperemia
Concept Radiation Injuries
Concept Heart Septal Defects, Ventricular
Concept Uterine Hemorrhage
Concept Insulin Resistance
Concept Respiratory Hypersensitivity
Concept Hypercholesterolemia
Concept Body Mass Index
Concept Thrombosis
Concept Vasoconstriction
Concept Stroke Volume
Concept Vascular Diseases
Concept Vasculitis
Concept Carotid Stenosis
Concept Peripheral Vascular Diseases
Concept Reperfusion Injury
Concept Melanoma
Concept Cardiomyopathies
Concept Bronchial Hyperreactivity
Concept Hypertrophy, Left Ventricular
Concept Oxidative Stress
Concept Infarction, Middle Cerebral Artery
Concept Genetic Association Studies
Concept Intracranial Embolism
Concept Atherosclerosis
Concept Embryo Loss
Concept Hemangioma, Cavernous, Central Nervous System
Concept Pneumonia
Concept Postoperative Complications
Concept Acute Coronary Syndrome
Concept Plaque, Amyloid
Concept Dyslipidemias
Concept Autoimmunity
Concept Myocardial Ischemia
Concept Intracranial Hemorrhages
Concept Stroke
Concept Carotid Artery Injuries
Concept Haploinsufficiency
Concept Vascular Stiffness
Concept Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Concept Aortic Diseases
Concept Arterial Occlusive Diseases
Concept Arteriosclerosis
Concept Brain Neoplasms
Concept Brain Ischemia
Concept Diabetes Mellitus
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Heart Rate
Concept Hemorrhage
Concept Hyperglycemia
Concept Neoplasms
Concept Pulmonary Fibrosis
Concept Vasodilation
Concept Violence
Concept Neurotoxicity Syndromes
Academic Article Secondary prevention of stroke and transient ischemic attack: is more platelet inhibition the answer?
Academic Article Essential role of endothelial Notch1 in angiogenesis.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of IRF4 by ROCK2 regulates IL-17 and IL-21 production and the development of autoimmunity in mice.
Academic Article Acute myocardial infarction after ergonovine administration for uterine bleeding.
Academic Article Inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell migration by cytochrome p450 epoxygenase-derived eicosanoids.
Academic Article Elevated Angiopoietin-2 Level in Patients With Continuous-Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices Leads to Altered Angiogenesis and Is Associated With Higher Nonsurgical Bleeding.
Academic Article Tumor necrosis factor-a levels and non-surgical bleeding in continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices.
Academic Article Atorvastatin Treatment of Cavernous Angiomas with Symptomatic Hemorrhage Exploratory Proof of Concept (AT CASH EPOC) Trial.
Academic Article Rho Kinase Inhibition Blunts Lesion Development and Hemorrhage in Murine Models of Aggressive Pdcd10/Ccm3 Disease.

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