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Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Academic Article The hem of the embryonic cerebral cortex is defined by the expression of multiple Wnt genes and is compromised in Gli3-deficient mice.
Academic Article Early specification and autonomous development of cortical fields in the mouse hippocampus.
Academic Article A local Wnt-3a signal is required for development of the mammalian hippocampus.
Academic Article Patterning events and specification signals in the developing hippocampus.
Academic Article Emx2 is required for growth of the hippocampus but not for hippocampal field specification.
Academic Article The telencephalon saved by TLC.
Academic Article LIM-homeodomain gene Lhx2 regulates the formation of the cortical hem.
Academic Article The chemokine stromal cell-derived factor-1 regulates the migration of sensory neuron progenitors.
Academic Article Loss of Emx2 function leads to ectopic expression of Wnt1 in the developing telencephalon and cortical dysplasia.
Academic Article Wnt genes define distinct boundaries in the developing human brain: implications for human forebrain patterning.
Academic Article Patterning the dorsal telencephalon: a role for sonic hedgehog?
Academic Article Presenilin 1 in migration and morphogenesis in the central nervous system.
Academic Article The derivatives of the Wnt3a lineage in the central nervous system.
Academic Article Embryonic signaling centers expressing BMP, WNT and FGF proteins interact to pattern the cerebral cortex.
Academic Article FGF8 acts as a classic diffusible morphogen to pattern the neocortex.
Academic Article Wnt signaling meets internal dissent.
Academic Article Shh and Gli3 regulate formation of the telencephalic-diencephalic junction and suppress an isthmus-like signaling source in the forebrain.
Academic Article Bone morphogenetic protein signaling in the developing telencephalon controls formation of the hippocampal dentate gyrus and modifies fear-related behavior.
Academic Article Generating the cerebral cortical area map.
Academic Article Members of the Wnt, Fz, and Frp gene families expressed in postnatal mouse cerebral cortex.
Academic Article Pathfinding of corticothalamic axons relies on a rendezvous with thalamic projections.
Academic Article The cortical hem regulates the size and patterning of neocortex.
Academic Article Lateral Thalamic Eminence: A Novel Origin for mGluR1/Lot Cells.
Academic Article DMRT5, DMRT3, and EMX2 Cooperatively Repress Gsx2 at the Pallium-Subpallium Boundary to Maintain Cortical Identity in Dorsal Telencephalic Progenitors.
Academic Article A model of neocortical area patterning in the lissencephalic mouse may hold for larger gyrencephalic brains.
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